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Parallel Rule - Captain Fields 15
Weems and Plath parallel rule with full 180 degree protractor markings. Length 380mm. More info...
Free Shipping
Chrome Yacht Lamp
This solid brass chrome plated Weems and Plath Chrome Yacht Lamp is styled after a traditional miner's lamp and is the... More info...
Free Shipping
Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Lamp
This traditionally styled Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Lamp is a classy yet practical way to illuminate your vessel or make a... More info...
Free Shipping
Endurance Chrome 85 Barometer
The Endurance Chrome 85 Barometer is part of an extensive line of nautical instruments that feature several remarkable... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
5" Square Protractor
Sometimes referred to as a Douglas protractor, the 5" Square Protractor is best suited for rapid plotting of courses and... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Three Arm Protractor
Heavy-duty, flexible crystal clear acrylic construction is the foundation for this easy-to-use, professional three arm... More info...
Free Shipping
Bluewater Barometer
The Bluewater Barometer is an affordable, yet high-quality weatherproof plastic instrument. More info...
Free Shipping
Atlantis Premiere Barometer (Black)
Designed to accompany the Atlantis Premiere Quartz Clocks, The Atlantis Premiere Barometer with Black Dial is... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Chrome Smoke Bell
This replacement Chrome Smoke Bell is for the Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Lamp (#918). More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Weems Parallel Plotter
The Weems Parallel Plotter is our most popular Weems plotter! More info...
Free Shipping
Base for Atlantis or Martinique
This mahogany finished clock base with a high back panel can display any Weems & Plath Atlantis or Martinique... More info...
Free Shipping
Sailboat Plated Teak Logbook Cover
The attractive, handmade Sailboat Plated Teak Logbook Cover is perfect for the sailboat owner because on the front is... More info...
Free Shipping
Electric Gimbal Lamp
This brass Electric Gimbal Lamp is modeled after the traditional oil lamps of the same style, but is much brighter because... More info...
Free Shipping
Teak Logbook Cover
The handsome, handmade Teak Logbook Cover features a high gloss lacquer finish with a brass plate centered on the front... More info...
Free Shipping
6" Chrome Bell
We have searched the world over to bring you the highest quality chrome bells with built-in longevity. More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Nautical Slide Rule
The Nautical Slide Rule offers a foolproof immediate solution to all common speed/time/distance problems and is convertible... More info...
Free Shipping
Endurance II 135 Chrome Open Dial Barometer
Light, strong and durable, the Endurance II Chrome Open Dial Barometer is an holosteric or aneroid type which measures... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Chrome Wall Bracket
This Chrome Wall Bracket allows you to mount either the Chrome Yacht Lamp (#900) or Chrome Mini Yacht... More info...
Free Shipping
Companion Lamp
The soft glow of the Companion Lamp sets the mood for an elegant tabletop dinner. The base of this charming table lamp is... More info...
Free Shipping
4" Oil Anchor Lamp
The Dutch-made 4" Oil Anchor Lamp is a versatile lamp that can be used both indoors and outdoors (flame will not blow... More info...
Free Shipping
Berth Lamp
This Dutch-made Berth Lamp is an extremely versatile oil lamp because it is equipped with a gimbal that allows it to be... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Protractor Triangle with Handle
One of our best selling navigation instruments, the Protractor Triangle with Handle is inscribed with contrast enhancing... More info...
Free Shipping
Atlantis Barometer
The Atlantis Barometer houses a highly reliable, temperature compensated, aneroid movement. More info...
Shipping: $5.00
8" Straight Brass Dividers
The 8 inch straight pattern navigational dividers are made with brass arms and polished stainless steel tips. Dividers are... More info...
Free Shipping
Chrome Mini Yacht Lamp
The Chrome Mini Yacht Lamp is proof of the lasting beauty of fine craftsmanship combined with the finest materials.... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Weems Protractor
An updated version of the Breton Plotter or Portland Plotter, the Weems Protractor has a movable compass rose grid... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Hook for Sorensen Stormglass
This mounting hardware allows you to easily mount the E.S. Sorensen brass Stormglass to a wall or boat bulkhead. More info...
Free Shipping
Smoke Bell
This adjustable Smoke Bell made by the Danish company, E.S. Sorensen is made of hand polished and lacquered brass. More info...
Free Shipping
Mini Oil Trawler Lamp
The Mini Oil Trawler Lamp is a small version of the popular Den Haan Trawler Lamp (8201/O). It is the... More info...
Free Shipping
Starboard Side Light
This Dutch-made electric starboard side light is an elegant way to keep your vessel safe and compliant with maritime laws. More info...
Free Shipping
Brass Magnifier Chart Weight
This chart magnifier is the perfect aide in reading small print on charts, maps, and documents of any kind. The Brass... More info...
Free Shipping
Atlantis Quartz Clock with Black Dial & Nautical...
The Atlantis Quartz Clock with Black Dial & Nautical Flags is a festive version of our popular screw bezel brass... More info...
Free Shipping
Endurance II 135 Comfortmeter
Light, strong and durable, the Endurance II Comfortmeter in brass finish monitors both temperature and humidity either... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Off-White Lanyard for 4" & 5" Bells
This replacement white navy blue lanyard is for either the 4" or 5" brass or chrome bells. More info...
Free Shipping
Starter Navigation Pack
The Starter Navigation Pack is a bundle of navigation instruments available at the chart & map shop. Save some money and... More info...
Free Shipping
Weems Chrome Stormglass Set
The Weems Chrome Stormglass Set is a mysterious weather predictor that is sure to intrigue. More info...
Free Shipping
Atlantic Gimbal Lamp
This traditionally styled oil wall lamp is a classy yet practical way to illuminate your vessel or make a nautical statement... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
5" Fixed Point Divider
This 5" Fixed Point Divider is a matte nickel-plated, brass divider that is lightweight and ideal for all applications. More info...
Shipping: $5.00
12" Parallel Ruler
No navigator should be without a good set of parallel rules as part of his navigation back up plan in the event of an... More info...
Free Shipping
Main Cabin Lamp
The warm light produced by the Den Haan Main Cabin Lamp is perfect for brightening the main salon of your boat or your... More info...
Free Shipping
Port Side Light
This Dutch-made electric port side light is an elegant way to keep your vessel safe and compliant with maritime laws. More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Given the position of a storm and direction and speed of its advance, with the aid of your Vectormaster you may quickly... More info...
Free Shipping
Porthole Desk Set
The Porthole Desk Set includes a clock and barometer placed in a mahogany finish base made from solid North American... More info...
Free Shipping
5" Brass Bell
This 5" Brass Bell is both functional and beautiful. Polished to a mirror finish this yacht bell produces a rich tone... More info...
Free Shipping
Pantry Lamp
This Dutch-made Pantry Lamp is a beautiful brass oil lamp that mounts to a wall or bulkhead with a mounting bracket that... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Weems Stormglass Display (Brass)
The Weems Stormglass Display for the brass stormglass is a wood plaque with a black and brass engraved plate that has a... More info...
Free Shipping
6" Oil Anchor Lamp
The Dutch-made 6" Oil Anchor Lamp is a versatile lamp that can be used both indoors and outdoors (flame will not blow... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Mahogany Box For Chart Weights
This mahogany finished wood box is an elegant way to present any of the Weems & Plath chart weights as a gift or... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Navy Blue Lanyard for 4" & 5" Bells
This replacement navy blue lanyard is for either the 4" or 5" brass or chrome bells. More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Millenium Divider / Compass
The 6" Millennium Divider / Compass has a unique ergonomic design that facilitates one-handed operation. More info...
Free Shipping
Venus Compass 5 Degree Card
This Venus Compass has a full spherical construction with an internal gimbal system. It has been balanced for use in both... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
Brass Wall Bracket
This brass wall bracket or hook mounts with three brass screws (included) to a wall or bulkhead so that either of the... More info...
Free Shipping
Mounted 6" Brass Bell
This 6" brass bell mounted on a high gloss mahogany finish presentation plaque is a distinctive way to acknowledge... More info...
Shipping: $5.00
24" Parallel Ruler
The 24 inch Parallel Rule is primarily used for commercial purposes due to its extra long 24 inch acrylic construction,... More info...
Free Shipping
Endurance 125 Barometer
The easy-to-read dials, maintenance-free finish and weatherproof construction are a winning combination in these nautical... More info...
Free Shipping
Gimbal Mini Lamp Mount
This brass gimbal allows you to mount the Weems & Plath Mini Yacht Lamp or the Mini Yacht Vase securely to the... More info...

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