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Advertise with offers a variety of advertising options suitable for clients of any size and budget.

Banner Advertising

At we realise that each business is different and may have unique advertising requirements. Whereas our Merchant Program is an essential advertising vehicle for online merchants, our banner ads can be beneficial for anyone who has a web site. represents a truly unique banner advertising opportunity in Australia. Our web site has hundreds of thousands of highly specialised pages visited by people focused on a particular type of product or service. You are welcome to hand-pick pages where your banner is to be displayed within a campaign. You do it by nominating product categories, such as jewellery or digital cameras or perfume or wine or finance etc, and your banner will only appear on the pages which list products in these categories. is an Australian comparison shopping site and most of our visitors are Australian adults who made online purchases using their credit cards. This profile would meet targeting requirements of the most demanding Australian-focused consumer advertising campaign.
For more details on banner advertising and to request assistance in tailoring your banner advertising campaign please contact our friendly staff.
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