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Black Tourmaline Pyramid

Black Tourmaline Pyramid
Black Tourmaline Pyramid - Approx 6.5cmBlack Tourmaline is the most powerful stone for protection against negativity, particularly from people, e.g. envy. It is also a strong grounding stone. More info...
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My Crystalaura
Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is the most powerful stone for protection against negativity, particularly from people, e.g. envy. It is... More info...
Azuregreen Rrblat Black Tourmaline Rune Set
27.78 Cts Natural Watermelon Tourmaline...
starjewelryco store tsavorite 27.78 cts Natural Watermelon Tourmaline Carving Pair Rare Color Loose... More info...
8.11 Cts Natural Lovely Tourmaline Buddha Face...
starjewelryco Store Product ID S34 -007 Gemstone Name Tourmaline Carat 8.11 cts Shape Size Buddha... More info...
5.72 Cts Natural Top Peach Pink Tourmaline...
New Page 1 5.72 Cts Natural Top Peach Pink Tourmaline Emerald Cut Lot Brazil Loose 5 Pcs $... More info...
My Crystalaura
Pink and Green Tourmaline
Pink and Green Tourmaline stimulates joy and happiness for life, bringing back your passion for living. Aids creativity and... More info...
17.21 Cts Natural Top Watermelon Tourmaline Hand...
New Page 1 17.21 Cts Natural Top Watermelon Tourmaline Hand Made Fancy Carving Pair Brazil... More info...
Natural Round Brilliant Cut Pink Tourmaline...
Gem Description Natural Round Brilliant Cut Pink Tourmaline Gemstone Specifications Diameter: 6.90mm Depth:... More info...
9.27 Cts Natural Bi-color Tourmaline Drill Fancy...
starjewelryco Store tsavorite 9.27 cts Natural Bi-Color Tourmaline Drill Fancy Cab ! bargain sale price inves... More info...
My Crystalaura
Watermelon Tourmaline
Watermelon Tourmaline - great for activating the heart chakra and linking it to the higher self.One OnlyApprox 1cm x 1cm More info...
4.81 Cts Natural Top Bi Color Tourmaline Loose...
New Page 1 4.81 Cts Natural Top Bi Color Tourmaline Loose Gemstone Octagon Cut Brazil $... More info...
24.00 Cts Natural Top Watermelon Tourmaline...
New Page 1 24.00 Cts Natural Top Watermelon Tourmaline Hand Made Fancy Carving Pair Brazil... More info...
9.96 Cts Natural Top Tourmaline Greyish Violet...
New Page 1 9.96 Cts Natural Top Tourmaline Greyish Violet Color Cushion Cut Brazil Loose $... More info...
My Crystalaura
Tourmaline Gridding Kit
Tourmaline Gridding Kit - Contains 4 pieces of Black Tourmaline or Schorl. It is excellent for grounding excess... More info...
Natural 23.49 Cts Tourmaline Leaf Watermelon...
starjewelryco Store tsavorite 23.49 cts Natural Top Tourmaline Leaf Carving Loose Gemstone Lot 4 pcs... More info...
My Crystalaura
Amethyst Pyramid
Amethyst Pyramid - Approx 4cmAmethyst is known as the peace stone and is a promoter of spiritual wisdom. It has a great... More info...
My Crystalaura
Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid
Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid - Approx 4.5cmRainbow Moonstone links you into your overall life plan. Helps you to... More info...
My Crystalaura
Sodalite Pyramid
Sodalite Pyramid - Approx 5.5cmSodalite rationalizes and aids clear thinking, bringing clarity and truth. It brings... More info...
My Crystalaura
Howlite Pyramid
Howlite Pyramid - Approx 4cmHowlite is an extremely calming stone. It is an exceptional antidote to insomnia.... More info...
My Crystalaura
Lapis Lazuli Pyramid
Lapis Lazuli Pyramid - Approx 3cmLapis Lazuli expands awareness and intellect and enhances psychic abilities.... More info...
My Crystalaura
Shungite Pyramid
Shungite Pyramid - Approx 3.5cm accross the base.Shungite is sometimes called the "Stone of Life" due to its healing... More info...
My Crystalaura
Tiger Eye Pyramid
Tiger Eye Pyramid - Approx 4.5cmTiger Eye brings cheerfulness and optimism. Helps soften stubbornness. Encourages... More info...
My Crystalaura
Tree Agate Pyramid
Tree Agate Pyramid - Approx 4cmTree Agate is a strong grounding and calming stone. A useful Earth healer, it is... More info...
My Crystalaura
Fluorite Pyramid
Fluorite PyramidBase Approx 4 cmFluorite balances and advances the mind and increases concentration. It has a... More info...
My Crystalaura
Smoky Quartz Pyramid
Smoky Quartz Pyramid - Approx 4cmSmokey Quartz dispels negativity and dispels emotional blocks. Balances, grounds and... More info...
My Crystalaura
Carnelian Pyramid
Carnelian Pyramid - Approx 4 cm.Carnelian increases personal power and physical energy, offers courage, sponsors... More info...
My Crystalaura
Rainbow Obsidian Pyramid
Rainbow Obsidian Pyramid - approx 2.5cmRainbow Obsidian is a stone of pleasure and enjoyment while being... More info...
My Crystalaura
Ruby in Fuschite Pyramid
Ruby in Fuschite is principally known for balancing stimulation with intuition, making it a great stone for psychic work.... More info...
My Crystalaura
Lepidolite Pyramid
Lepidolite Pyramid - Approx 3cm across the baseLepidolite is uplifting and balancing, wards off depression. It reduces... More info...
My Crystalaura
Calcite Pyramid
Calcite Pyramid - Approx 5.5cmCalcite cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy. Calcite... More info...
My Crystalaura
Bloodstone Pyramid
Bloodstone Pyramid - Approx 4cmBloodstone: A powerful healing stone of renewal, Bloodstone revitalizes and enhances... More info...
My Crystalaura
Clear Quartz Pyramid
Clear Quartz Pyramid - approx 5.5cmClear Quartz is the most powerful all-round healing and energy amplifier on the... More info...
My Crystalaura
Green Aventurine Pyramid
Green Aventurine Pyramid - Approx 4cm accross the base.Green Aventurine clears, activates, harmonizes and protects the... More info...
My Crystalaura
Rose Quartz Pyramid
Rose Quartz Pyramid - Approx 2cmRose Quartz is the stone of universal love, known as the Love stone. It is a stone... More info...
My Crystalaura
Agate Pyramid
Agate Pyramid - Approx 5.5cmAgates are grounding stones, supplying physical, emotional and intellectual balance. Agate... More info...
My Crystalaura
Calcite (Yellow) Pyramid
Calcite (Yellow) Pyramid - Approx 3cmCalcite cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy.... More info...
My Crystalaura
Hematite Pyramid
Hematite Pyramid - Approx 3.5cmHematite is grounding and protective. Enhances mental capabilities and is excellent for... More info...
My Crystalaura
Selenite Pyramid
Selenite Pyramid - Approx 4cmSelenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation. Placing... More info...
My Crystalaura
Unakite Pyramid
Unakite Pyramid - Approx 4.5cmUnakite is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality. Unakite gently... More info...
My Crystalaura
Obsidian - Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful and fast acting stone. It is a very protective stone, it shields against negativity.... More info...
0.8ctn1 Superb Blue Flashy Genuine Lightning...
Store Home New Arrivals Ending Soon Buy It Now Items Items On Sale Store search Store categories Auctions... More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $8.77
Black Obsidian Tumbled Stones - 200g Packet
Buy Black Obsidian Tumbled Stones - 200g Packet Online. Best Prices + Discounts + 30 Day Returns +... More info...
Outstanding Good Quality Rolling Stunning Colour...
Welcome to Opalworld-australia.(Opal wholesale price) Please read carefully before you bid. Good luck! This opal is... More info...
Australian Solid Black Opal With Rare Ni Body...
AUSTRALIAN SOLID BLACK OPAL 2.1carats Retail price $3100.00 THIS OPAL... More info...
507 Cts/40 Pcs Untreated Finest Natural Black...
selenegems Store 507 CTS/40 PCS UNTREATED TOP QUALITY NATURAL... More info...

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