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Mistral Select Buffet Food Warmer
Both the housing of the food warmer and the buffet pans are made of a durable stainless steel. To use, simply plug the buffet server into a power outlet, turn the temperature control dial to your chosen setting and add your food onto either the warming tr$69 - $73
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Stainless Steel Food Warmers   Food Warmers   Mistral Food Warmers
Mistral MICM150 The Ice Creamery Ice Cream Maker
This ice cream maker from Mistral lets you make delicious ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt. Featuring a double insulated freezing canister, this machine can help you to create up to 2 litres of your favourite ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt in just$59 - $63
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11 offers from 3 shops
Ice Cream Makers   Compare Mistral Ice Cream Makers   White Small Kitchen Appliances
New Mistral St.Steel 2 X 3.5 LTR 2000W Twin Deep Fryer
  If you simply love the taste of fried food, this deep fryer will likely become your favourite cooking appliance. Use it to cook... More info...$9500
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Compare Prices   Deep Fryers   Stainless Steel Small Kitchen Appliances   Stainless Steel Deep Fryers
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Panasonic SD2501 Bread Maker
Diamond-Fluoro coated Bread Pan and Kneading Blade for outstanding durability. Jam and compote mode, with eight jam and six compote recipes available. Specialty mode allows users to cook with various cereals and flours, such as spelt flour.$185 - $249
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14 offers from 14 shops
Bread Makers   Panasonic Bread Makers   Shop White Bread Makers
Breville BES920 Coffee Manchine
Dedicate stainless steel boilers.9 Bar regulated extraction pressure. Low pressure pre-infusion. Simultaneous extraction & steam. $1,145 - $1,690
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23 offers from 11 shops
Purchase Coffee Machines   Breville Coffee Machines   Espresso Coffee Machines
KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 Stand Mixer
The KitchenAid Artisan® Stand Mixer is every cooks dream. It saves you time and energy and provides outstanding results. Unique planetary mixing action allows the beater to spiral to 67 different touch-points within the bowl for quick, complete mixing, an$658 - $985
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43 offers from 6 shops
Mixers   Kitchen Aid Mixers   Red Small Kitchen Appliances
Philips HR7762/90 Viva Collection Food Processor
This Philips Food Processor HR7762/90 has a 3 in 1 compact set-up with a 2l bowl,
blender and grinder mill. It also has 4 stainless steel discs enabling you to create a variety of your favorite recipes. Accessory storage included.
$95 - $149
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6 offers from 6 shops
Food Processors   Philips Food Processors Prices   Philips Small Kitchen Appliances
Philips HD9220/20 Viva Collection Airfryer
Philips Airfryer's patented Rapid Air technology enables you to make the tastiest fries that
contain up to 80% less fat! Enjoy delicious fries, snacks and meals in a healthy way with
this fryer. It provides less smell and is easy to clean.
$181 - $249
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13 offers from 9 shops
White Small Kitchen Appliances   Air Fryers   White Air Fryers
Breville BFP800 Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor
The extra-wide feed chute cuts longer slices and makes processing faster and easier. Gone are the days of having to chop potatoes into little pieces to fit into the chute. The variable slicing disc has 24 settings so you can customise the thickness of you$60 - $529
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30 offers from 11 shops
Breville Small Kitchen Appliances   Breville Mixers for Sale
Delonghi EN 520 Lattissima+ Nespresso Coffee Machine
19 bar pump pressure, Thermoblock heating element, 40 second heat up, Removable 0.9L water tank, Removable 350mL milk jug, Compact brewing unit, Nespresso capsule system$409 - $579
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43 offers from 14 shops
Delonghi Nespresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines   Nespresso Coffee Machines
Panasonic SR-DE103 Rice Cooker
Panasonic s range of rice cookers deliver more than perfectly cooked rice; they also feature a wide range of automatic menu programs for creative cooking such as porridge, cake, slow-cooked curries, soup and steam modes. This multi-purpose appliance incor$91 - $139
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9 offers from 9 shops
Rice Cookers   Panasonic Rice Cookers   Stainless Steel Rice Cookers Deals
Breville BJE410 Juice Fountain Plus
There's just no comparison between freshly made fruit and vegetable juice and packaged juice from the store. But who has the time to chop and slice?$153 - $399
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19 offers from 17 shops
Buy Juicers   Breville Juicers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BES870 The Barista Espresso Coffee Machine
Grind, dose, and extract all in one. Capture the freshness with beans to espresso in under a minute.$618 - $699
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11 offers from 11 shops
Espresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines   Breville Espresso Coffee Machines
Delonghi KBO2001 Icona Kettle
1.7 litre capacity. Unique high gloss red finish with chromed details. Swivel base. Detachable base for cordfree convenience. Water level indicator.$99 - $149
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39 offers from 11 shops
Electric Kettles   Delonghi Electric Kettles Online   Delonghi Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam PB9800 Cafe Series Blender
The new Cafe Series® Blender combines power, heavy-duty materials and simplicity to ensure maximum performance and the perfect consistency every time. With four pre-programmed functions and a variable speed control dial, you will have total blending contr$239 - $299
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37 offers from 16 shops
Blenders   Sunbeam Blenders   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BFP650 ikon Kitchen Wizz Food Processor
The ikon Kitchen Wizz Food Processor has a unique Quad Blade System. The secret is in the four blades on two separate cutting planes for efficient and fast processing.$185 - $299
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12 offers from 12 shops
Food Processors   Compare Breville Food Processors   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BJE200 Juice Fountain
Waking up to fresh juice can literally revitalise your mind and immune system. But what if you have limited bench space in your kitchen?$82 - $129
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12 offers from 12 shops
Juicers   Breville Juicers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BES840 Infuser Espresso Machine
ather than start with bursts of high pressure, a steady low pressure pre-infusion gently expands the grinds before stepping up to high pressure for an even extraction.$395 - $509
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21 offers from 11 shops
Breville Grinders   White Small Kitchen Appliances   Shop Grinders
Sunbeam MX8500 Mixmaster Classic Mixer
Designed to inspire you to get into the kitchen and bake your grandma's classic, an all-time favourite , or that little treat for dessert. With a solid die-cast body, a range of mixing attachments and two bowl sizes, the Mixmaster Classic is the tool to c$186 - $289
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23 offers from 13 shops
Purchase Mixers   Sunbeam Mixers   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam GC7850B Cafe Contact Grill & Sandwich Press
The Cafe Contact Grill combines the benefits of a BBQ grill and a Sandwich Press. Grill juicy meats, seafoods and vegetables and achieve authentic grill marks. And toast your favourite sandwiches or open cheese melts. $59 - $119
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16 offers from 12 shops
Sandwich Press   Sunbeam Sandwich Press   Stainless Steel Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam EM0480 Cafe Series Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
This conical burr coffee grinder has all the elements required to deliver a consistent and even grind - so you will truly enjoy the complete aromatic profile of freshly roasted coffee with every sip.$169 - $209
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13 offers from 13 shops
Coffee Grinders   Sunbeam Coffee Grinders Prices   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
EasyCook E737 Health Oven
Based on the European design of the E727 model, the top of the range E737 incorporates an extra large 13L bowl for the bigger family giving you extra cooking capacity. With easy to use manual timer and thermostat dials the E737 model is perfect for any ex$239 - $299
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5 offers from 5 shops
Health Ovens   EasyCook Small Kitchen Appliances   Clear Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BKE595 Electric Kettle
$75 - $99
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8 offers from 8 shops
Electric Kettles   Breville Electric Kettles for Sale
Delonghi EN266BAE Citiz & Milk Nepresso Coffee Machine
The compact and convenient Delonghi Citiz with Milk Nespresso coffee machine will give you a delicious, hot coffee - each and every time! With it's built in stand for the Nespresso Aerocinno milk frothing machine, this partcular model is both ultra conven$295 - $399
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10 offers from 10 shops
Delonghi Nespresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines   Nespresso Coffee Machines
Breville 800CP Citrus Press
This Breville citrus press is designed to maximise juice yield from all types of citrus. A uniquely finned and undulating cone extracts juice all the way to the rind, regardless of size. A pull down handle holds the citrus fruit on top of the cone at the $109 - $195
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8 offers from 8 shops
Citrus Presses Deals   Breville Citrus Presses   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
KitchenAid Artisan KFPM770 Food Processor
The essential culinary tool that gives you everything you need to expand your creativity the Artisan Food Processor. This flexible machine performs each task quickly and easily, enabling you to create endless recipes in no time at all. $99 - $499
Compare Prices
29 offers from 7 shops
Food Processors   Kitchen Aid Food Processors   Red Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BKE825 Kettle
$122 - $153
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25 offers from 9 shops
Breville Electric Kettles   Buy Electric Kettles   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BEM200 Wizz Electronic Mixer
The smaller footprint and lightweight design are perfect for the occasional baker and for those wanting to store their mixer in the cupboard.$109 - $199
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8 offers from 7 shops
Breville Mixers   Mixers   Stainless Steel Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BEM800 Scraper Mixer Pro
The innovative Scraper Beater folds ingredients and continuously scrapes down the sides and bottom of the bowl, significantly cutting mixing time. The Wizz Planetary Mixer also uses a planetary mixing action, as per professional patisseries to ensure that$99 - $599
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21 offers from 9 shops
Breville Small Kitchen Appliances   Planetary Mixer   Breville Planetary Mixer Online
Delonghi CTO2003 Icona 2 Slice Toaster
900 Watts Power, 2 Slice Toaster, Electronic Controls, All Functions With Neon Indicator, Extra Lift Position, Progressive, Electronic Browning Control$95 - $149
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28 offers from 10 shops
Compare Delonghi Toasters   Toasters   Delonghi Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam PB7620 MultiBlender Pro Blender
Designed to help you create your favourite recipes from milkshakes and smoothies, to tasty dips and soups, or a delicious dessert. The MultiBlender Pro is the tool for any blending task from pureeing, liquefying, mixing, stirring or crushing ice for that $55 - $84
Compare Prices
14 offers from 9 shops
Blenders   Sunbeam Blenders   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
Oscar Vital Max 900 Juicer
Oscar Vital Max Juicer 900 is the latest model single gear juicer and food processor. With the three step auger, newly patented juicing screen, this model delivers more juice than any of similar style.$180 - $495
Compare Prices
19 offers from 9 shops
Juicers   Shop Oscar Juicers   White Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BGR250 HealthSmart Grill & Press
With a flat bottom plate this grill increases its versatility and takes only a quick wipe to clean. You can adjust the legs to a sloped position to drain fat from meat, or, a flat position to cook eggs and pancakes.$75 - $129
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11 offers from 11 shops
Breville Grills   Grills   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Electrolux ESTM6400 Hand Stick Mixer
For crushing ice, chopping nuts, mixing purees, chopping onions, herbs and spices. Whipping cream and beating eggs. $104 - $134
Compare Prices
9 offers from 9 shops
Hand Mixers   Electrolux Hand Mixers   Purchase Stainless Steel Small Kitchen Appliances
Airflo POP077 Popcorn Machine Maker
* Traditional style popcorn maker
* Stainless steel 70-gram popcorn kettle
with built-in stirring system
* Convenient serving tray
* Warming light
* Includes measuring cup and spoon
$85 - $86
Compare Prices
2 offers from 2 shops
Popcorn Makers Prices   Red Small Kitchen Appliances   Red Popcorn Makers
Magimix 4200 Food Processor
Manufactured in France and famous for their power and durability, Magimix is the leading manufacturer of food processors in the world. Made with commercial grade, ultra quiet induction motors, with an assortment of attachments, the Magimix is the ultimate$639 - $799
Compare Prices
8 offers from 3 shops
Food Processors   Magimix Food Processors   Coffee Grinders
Sunbeam LC6250 Multiprocessor Food Processor
Powered by a heavy duty 850w motor and featuring 5 electronic speeds plus Pulse, the Sunbeam MultiProcessor offers a handy solution for just about any food preparation task.$81 - $139
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12 offers from 12 shops
Food Processors   Sunbeam Food Processors for Sale   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
Bio Chef KT-BC-BL Blender
Suitable for fruits, vegetables, ice, nuts and grains
Central tamper, Thermostat shut off, 3 Variable speed and timer settings, Hi-speed pulse button
Able to make hot meals, Kneads dough
$379 - $699
Compare Prices
4 offers from 3 shops
Bio Chef Blenders   Blenders   Bio Chef Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam BM7850 SmartBake Custom Bread Maker
The SmartBake Custom is an automatic and a programmable bread maker in one, so you truly can make bread just as you want it. Use the automatic preset menus, or customise your machine and program and save your own recipes. $174 - $249
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13 offers from 13 shops
Bread Makers   Sunbeam Bread Makers   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances Deals
Kenwood KN400 Electric Knife
Electric slicing knife for easy and accurate carving. Ground stainless steel blades ultra sharp for all your slicing needs$23 - $32
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3 offers from 3 shops
Electric Knives   Kenwood Electric Knives   Kenwood Small Kitchen Appliances
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