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Philips HD9240 Air Fryer
$304 - $399
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13 offers from 9 shops
Air Fryers   Philips Small Kitchen Appliances   Black Small Kitchen Appliances Prices
Panasonic SD2501 Bread Maker
Diamond-Fluoro coated Bread Pan and Kneading Blade for outstanding durability. Jam and compote mode, with eight jam and six compote recipes available. Specialty mode allows users to cook with various cereals and flours, such as spelt flour.$185 - $219
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16 offers from 14 shops
Bread Makers for Sale   Panasonic Bread Makers   White Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BMF600 Milk Cafe Frother
The creamiest hot milk is made with the smallest bubbles. But how do you get make frothed milk without creating a bubble bath?$95 - $176
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14 offers from 11 shops
Milk Frothers   Breville Milk Frothers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Kenwood KMM770 Premier Major Kitchen Machine
The Kenwood Premier Major KMM770 is a smart and very robust kitchen machine for someone who likes nothing more than to get busy creating delicious meals and baking delights. Available in a sleek, metallic finish, its major-sized bowl tools give it an extr$586 - $699
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14 offers from 11 shops
Kenwood Mixers Deals   Mixers   Kenwood Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BES920 Coffee Manchine
Dedicate stainless steel boilers.9 Bar regulated extraction pressure. Low pressure pre-infusion. Simultaneous extraction & steam. $1,159 - $1,770
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24 offers from 12 shops
Coffee Machines   Espresso Coffee Machines   Breville Coffee Machines
Breville BBL605 Kinetix Control Blender
The Kinetix Control with 7 task controls and timer. Central blades crush and chop for velvety cocktails. Bowl hugging blades whip and aerate for creamier smoothies.$139 - $265
Compare Prices
52 offers from 17 shops
Blenders   Buy Breville Blenders   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BPR200 Fast Slow Cooker
All cuts of meat can be cooked to melt-in-the-mouth, but how do you cook tender meat with all the time in the world, or no time at all?$115 - $215
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20 offers from 13 shops
Slow Cookers   Breville Slow Cookers   Stainless Steel Slow Cookers
Breville BFP800 Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor
The extra-wide feed chute cuts longer slices and makes processing faster and easier. Gone are the days of having to chop potatoes into little pieces to fit into the chute. The variable slicing disc has 24 settings so you can customise the thickness of you$59 - $550
Compare Prices
43 offers from 12 shops
Breville Small Kitchen Appliances   Breville Mixers Online
Breville 800ES Professional 800 Collection Espresso Machine
That is, your favourite beans freshly ground, the right tamp, temperature and pressure control, and the right dose. This espresso machine offers temperature control through its auto purge feature and the appropriate pressure through its 15 bar pump, then $199 - $344
Compare Prices
13 offers from 10 shops
Espresso Coffee Machines   Breville Espresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines
George Foreman GFBL300 Blender
$33 - $50
Compare Prices
10 offers from 10 shops
Blenders   George Foreman Small Kitchen Appliances   Compare George Foreman Blenders
Breville BES870 The Barista Espresso Coffee Machine
Grind, dose, and extract all in one. Capture the freshness with beans to espresso in under a minute.$628 - $830
Compare Prices
15 offers from 13 shops
Shop Espresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines   Breville Espresso Coffee Machines
Sunbeam EM6910 Cafe Series Espresso Machine
The coffees you create at home will make you the envy of all your friends. The Cafe Series® Espresso Machine is designed with twin pumps and twin heating systems, allowing you to texture milk and prepare a rich, velvety espresso at the same time. When com$529 - $749
Compare Prices
13 offers from 10 shops
Sunbeam Espresso Coffee Machines   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
Delonghi EN 520 Lattissima+ Nespresso Coffee Machine
19 bar pump pressure, Thermoblock heating element, 40 second heat up, Removable 0.9L water tank, Removable 350mL milk jug, Compact brewing unit, Nespresso capsule system$353 - $999
Compare Prices
67 offers from 17 shops
Delonghi Nespresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines   Delonghi Coffee Machines
Sunbeam VS7800 FoodSaver
The FoodSaver® vacuum packaging system is the revolutionary way to store food. It achieves this by extracting air and moisture to create a commercial quality vacuum. Conventional food storage methods such as plastic wrap and containers actually trap air i$229 - $299
Compare Prices
17 offers from 14 shops
Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances   Purchase Vacuum Sealers
Breville BFP650 ikon Kitchen Wizz Food Processor
The ikon Kitchen Wizz Food Processor has a unique Quad Blade System. The secret is in the four blades on two separate cutting planes for efficient and fast processing.$185 - $279
Compare Prices
18 offers from 13 shops
Food Processors   Breville Food Processors   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Kenwood KMC510 Premier Chef Kitchen Machine
A trusted Kitchen Machine for frequent basic food preparation. A more stylised design and increased power it s a machine to be proud of. With 3 power outlets it is ever versatile when used with a selection of our optional attachments.$425 - $599
Compare Prices
11 offers from 10 shops
Kenwood Small Kitchen Appliances   Kenwood Food Processors Prices
Breville BJE410 Juice Fountain Plus
There's just no comparison between freshly made fruit and vegetable juice and packaged juice from the store. But who has the time to chop and slice?$143 - $499
Compare Prices
29 offers from 19 shops
Juicers   Breville Juicers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BSG540 Toast & Melt Sandwich Press
For up to four hungry souls, be they craving cheese on toast, or cheese in toast, the 'Toast & Melt' gets it right.$64 - $105
Compare Prices
17 offers from 14 shops
Sandwich Press   Breville Sandwich Press for Sale
Sunbeam MX7900 Planetary Mixmaster
Designed to help you achieve thorough mixing results every time. The planetary mixing action ensures cakes are well mixed, egg whites are whisked to perfection and dough is kneaded perfectly for pizza or bread.$229 - $314
Compare Prices
39 offers from 13 shops
Mixers   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances   Sunbeam Mixers
Delonghi KBO2001 Icona Kettle
1.7 litre capacity. Unique high gloss red finish with chromed details. Swivel base. Detachable base for cordfree convenience. Water level indicator.$98 - $177
Compare Prices
68 offers from 14 shops
Electric Kettles Deals   Delonghi Electric Kettles
Breville BTS100 Big One Jaffle Maker
With deeper pockets and sealing only around the edges this press fits thicker cheese, extra tomato or a little more of anything. Since we invented the first no mess press in 1974, a cheese toastie has been nick-named a 'Breville', and we've used more than$38 - $49
Compare Prices
11 offers from 10 shops
Breville Sandwich Makers   Sandwich Makers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Philips HR7778/03 Food Processor
This Philips Avance collection Food Processor is the versatile solution for your kitchen needs. With its new innovative metal kneading hook, powerful 1000 W motor and one touch auto button for dough, making bread has never been so easy.$220 - $249
Compare Prices
8 offers from 7 shops
Buy Food Processors   Philips Food Processors   Stainless Steel Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam PB9800 Cafe Series Blender
The new Cafe Series® Blender combines power, heavy-duty materials and simplicity to ensure maximum performance and the perfect consistency every time. With four pre-programmed functions and a variable speed control dial, you will have total blending contr$44 - $299
Compare Prices
51 offers from 16 shops
Blenders   Sunbeam Blenders   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam MX8500 Mixmaster Classic Mixer
Designed to inspire you to get into the kitchen and bake your grandma's classic, an all-time favourite , or that little treat for dessert. With a solid die-cast body, a range of mixing attachments and two bowl sizes, the Mixmaster Classic is the tool to c$168 - $289
Compare Prices
42 offers from 14 shops
Mixers Online   Sunbeam Mixers   Stainless Steel Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BOV800 Smart Oven Toaster
This is the first compact oven with Element IQ , the technology that controls heating elements to suit whatever you are cooking.$237 - $279
Compare Prices
9 offers from 9 shops
Breville Toasters   Toasters   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Delonghi CTO4003 Icona 4 Slice Toaster
1800W Power, 4 Slice Toaster, 2 Removable Crumb Trays, All Functions with Neon Indicator, Extra Lift Position, Electronic Controls$127 - $178
Compare Prices
53 offers from 12 shops
Delonghi Toasters   Delonghi Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BTA830 Smart Toaster
A new world of bread needs a new world of toasting. So how do you toast any type of bread including raisin toast, and get it just the way you like it?$139 - $179
Compare Prices
15 offers from 8 shops
Breville Toasters   Toasters   Compare Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Kambrook KBL600 Soup Maker
Easy touch digital control panel. Blend and puree soup, desserts and baby food. 1600ml soup capacity. Stainless steel blades to process chunky or smooth soup. Additional blend and pulse functions.$76 - $104
Compare Prices
11 offers from 11 shops
Shop Kambrook Soup Makers   Soup Makers   Kambrook Small Kitchen Appliances
Sunbeam EM4820 Cafe Crema II Espresso Machine
Designed to help you create the perfect serve of espresso at home using a combination of two essential elements: the required pressure and precise temperature. The full metal body and components result in a durable design, allowing you to create countless$167 - $229
Compare Prices
20 offers from 17 shops
Espresso Coffee Machines   Sunbeam Espresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines
Breville BSC500 Flavour Maker Slow Cooker
For optimum slow cooking you need to sear the ingredients first. It captures those rich caramelised flavours. But how do you take food from stovetop to slow cooker without leaving the flavours behind in the pan?$81 - $138
Compare Prices
10 offers from 9 shops
Slow Cookers   Purchase Breville Slow Cookers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Breville BWM250 Waffle Maker
$54 - $60
Compare Prices
3 offers from 3 shops
Breville Waffles   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances   Waffles
Sunbeam GR8450 Cafe Press
Bring the magic of your favourite cafe toasted sandwich to your home with the Sunbeam Cafe Press®. Create open cheese melt snacks, or toasted thick sandwiches and wraps. This is sure to satisfy any toastie craving and more. $58 - $105
Compare Prices
22 offers from 15 shops
Sunbeam Sandwich Press   Sandwich Press   Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances Prices
Breville BOM100 Omelette Creations
The cover and chute is transparent so you can watch your popcorn poppin. You can choose your favourite topping from the recipe book included and enjoy the hot movie style popcorn with your friends. The Bratz Poppin' Popcorn Maker is fun to use and easy to$52 - $64
Compare Prices
10 offers from 7 shops
Breville Small Kitchen Appliances   Breville Frypans   Black Small Kitchen Appliances
Tefal MB750 Mini Food Processor
With a powerful 150W motor, the Tefal Fresh Express Mini Food Processor is an easy way to grate and slice most foods. Containing 5 different grating drums for 5 different uses, the Tefal mini food processor can slice potatoes, grate cheese, grind nutmeg a$57 - $150
Compare Prices
28 offers from 16 shops
Food Processors   Tefal Food Processors   Tefal Small Kitchen Appliances for Sale
Breville BSG520 Toast & Melt Sandwich Press
Whether you're in the mood for cheese on toast, or cheese in toast, this compact press can do both.$54 - $85
Compare Prices
10 offers from 10 shops
Sandwich Press Deals   Breville Sandwich Press   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
Soda Stream 1012111610 Drink Maker
Fashionable bi-coloured drinks maker. 60 litre aluminium gas cylinder. One carbonating bottle. Fun and easy to use. Environmental friendly.$59 - $75
Compare Prices
7 offers from 7 shops
Soda Stream Drinks Makers   Soda Stream Small Kitchen Appliances   Drinks Makers
Delonghi Icona ECO 310 Espresso Machine
Stainless steel boiler, Unique high gloss Azure Blue finish with chromed details, Large 1.4 Litre transparent and removable water reservoir$221 - $1,936
Compare Prices
25 offers from 10 shops
Espresso Coffee Machines   Buy Delonghi Espresso Coffee Machines   Coffee Machines
Breville BJE520 ikon Froojie Juice Fountain
A unique soft fruit disc purees soft fruits like bananas, mangoes and berries to make dessert coulis, or to mix with fresh juice to make dairy free smoothies.$185 - $315
Compare Prices
20 offers from 15 shops
Juicers   Breville Juicers   Breville Small Kitchen Appliances
George Foreman GF3TS Food Steamer
With George's Food Steamer you retain all the colours, textures and flavours of the vegetables, creating healthy and nutritious meals. George's Grill and Steamer - What a Knockout Team! Enjoy the adventure to a healthier lifestyle.$40 - $79
Compare Prices
4 offers from 4 shops
George Foreman Steamers   Steamers   George Foreman Small Kitchen Appliances Online
Tefal CY7018 Multi Cooker
2 litre processor bowl Wide feeding chute 2 speeds plus pulse 1.5 litre glass blender jug with stainless steel ice-crushing blades$271 - $299
Compare Prices
8 offers from 8 shops
Tefal Multi Cookers   Multi Cookers   Tefal Small Kitchen Appliances
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Good Guys 
R.T Edwards Qld 1800 082 936
35 Borthwick St Murarrie QLD 4172 1300 132 151
29-33 Carter Street Lidcombe NSW 2141 Australia PO Box 7210 Alexandria NSW 2015
Appliances Online 1300-000-500
90 New South Head Road, Edgecliff NSW 2027 PO Box 268, St. Peters, NSW, 2044 1300 788 795
1110 Toorak Rd Camberwell Vic 3124 Australia
Appliance Warehouse  1300 783 469
141-147 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill VIC 3068
Tru Water Filters 1300554878
Level 1, 900 Pacific Highway GORDON NSW 2072
2nds World  
Cremorne 237 Military Rd, Cremorne NSW 2090 Phone: 02 9904 1101 Fax: 02 9904 1260 Caringbah 5 - 7 Koonya Circuit, Caringbah NSW 2229 Phone: 02 8556 2333 Fax: 02 9525 2301 Auburn 321 Parramatta Rd, Auburn NSW 2144 Phone: 02 9748 4898 Fax: 02 9748 4141
Milan Direct 1300 638 889
108 Bridport St Albert Park VIC 3206

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