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In Stock
Paw Osteosupport Joint Care Powder Caps 80
PAW Osteosupport&reg, Joint Care Powder For Dogs PAW Osteosupport&reg, Joint Care Powder for Dogs... More info...
In Stock
Free Shipping
Advantix For Dogs Small Up To 4kg 3 Pack
***** FREE POSTAGE ***** Active: 100 g/L Imidacloprid, 500 g/L Permethrin (40:60) Solvent:... More info...
In Stock
Free Shipping
Advocate For Dogs Medium Blue 4-10kg 6 Pack
***** FREE POSTAGE ***** Advocate For Dogs 4-10 6 Pack 100g/L Imidacloprid, 25g/L Moxidectin... More info...
In Stock
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Comfortis For Dogs 9.1-18kg Green 6 Tablets
***** FREE POSTAGE ***** Comfortis&reg, starts to kill fleas within 30 minutes and kills 100% of fleas... More info...
In Stock
Joint Guard Powder For Dogs 400g
Long-term use of Joint Guard may help improve joint health and function. More info...
In Stock
Glyde Oral Powder For Dogs 360gm
Active constituents: Chondroitin sulphate sodium (Bovine Origin) 95 mg/g, Glucosamine HCl 190 mg/g, Green... More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $6.95
Advocate - Kittens & Small Cats up to 4kg - 3 Pack
Advocate for Cats is a monthly spot-on type medication for the prevention of heartworm, and the treatment of fleas,... More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $6.95
Milbemax for Large Dogs 5-25kg - 50 Tablets
Milbemax: Smaller and fewer pills Milbemax goes down easier with dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $6.95
Fido's Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - 5 litres
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Puppies and Dogs. More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $6.95
Comfortis Chewables (pink) for Dogs 2.3-4.5kg &...
Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Dogs are a meat flavoured tablet that rapidly kills fleas on dogs and then goes on to... More info...
In Stock
Portable Dog/Cat Pet Carrier Travel Cage with...
This pet travel carrier is suitable for cats medium to small dogs and other small animals.Manufactured from high quality... More info...
Interceptor Spectrum Chews - Green (4-11kg) - 6-pack
A tasty chew given once each month for the control of heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, whipworm and tapeworm. More info...
In Stock
Hartman Rose | Original Leather Dog Lead (Purple)
The Hartman Rose "Original" leather dog lead is popular for its understated elegance. Handcrafted from 100% Italian... More info...
In Stock
Susan Lanci | Plain Cat Collar (Red)
Plain n' simple... Susan Lanci's elegantly understated Plain cat collars are for kitties who prefer to keep things simple! More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $8.95
Advantix For Small Dogs (Up To 4kg) - 6 Pack
Spot-on tick and flea control for dogs. * Designed specifically for dogs, Advantix harnesses a patented combination of two... More info...
Shipping: $6.95
KONG Air Squeaker Dumbell Large
Kong Air Squeaker Dumbell has the look and feel of a tennis ball but its unique features provide heaps more fun for your... More info...
Shipping: $6.95
Lupine Small Dog Roman Harness 1/2" Dapper Dog...
A true non-restrictive harness, designed to eliminate pressure to the delicate throat area. Adjustable shoulder straps help to... More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Hailea ACO 5501 Diaphragm
For hailea air pump. Size: 29mm (outer dia) x 23mm (inner dia) x 11mm (side depth) More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Melafix Fish...
Antibacterial Remedy for the Treatment of Aquarium Fish Diseases. Treats up to 1880 Litres. 5ml treats 40... More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Aqua Nova Complete Hose Kit for NCF-1000...
Aquarium filter part for aqua nova canister filters. Kit includes:2 x 1.2m hoses sizing - 20mm outer diameter, 15mm... More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Hailea Aquarium Submersible Pump PT-200
Aquarium water pump - 185L/Hr. Freshwater use only. Low power consumption and high efficiency. Water, oxygen... More info...
Shipping: $6.95
Heritage Downs Coat Oil 375ml
Excellant in the treatment of Sweet Itch (QLD Itch). A small amount onto a soft brush & lightly coat the body, mane &... More info...
In Stock
Sterile Suture Packs
1 Protex Sterile Field 1 Tray with 4 compartments 5 Nillin Balls - Latex Free 3 Nillin Swabs 7.5 x... More info...
Shipping: $23.15
The Mutt Hutt Large
The Mutt Hutt is the tough, portable hutt for any sized mutt. More info...
Vet Products Direct
In Stock
Shipping: $7.20
Premium Tuff Lock Tuff Lock 120cm Medium Pink
Length: 120cm Width Small - 1.6cm (5/8 inch) ... More info...
In Stock
Transcat Magnet Collar Unit
Replacement Magnet Holder for when your cat loses his collar. More info...
Shipping: $6.95
Babblers Jungle 14"
Plush toy with bungee neck. Sound chip provides realistic animal sound for each animal. More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Marina Aquarium Air Stone Bubble Disk 10cm
Air bubble surface is 5.5cm dia (A986). For added aeration, circulation and decorative highlights More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $9.95
Advantix Puppies & Small Dogs Up To 4Kg X6
Advantix is a spot on treatment for ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and sanflies. Advantix is unique in that it is the only spot on... More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $14.95
8 Panels Pet Dog Exercise Playpen
8 Panels Pet Dog Exercise Playpen 8 Panels Pet Dog Exercise Playpen The durable Metal Dog Playpen... More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $9.95
Tetra Test Kit pH Saltwater
Tetra Test Kit pH Saltwater Test the water in your aquarium weekly (and even more frequently when you first set up... More info...
Seachem Flourish Trace 500ml
Flourish Trace Product Description Flourish Trace supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary... More info...
In Stock
Sentinel Spectrum Chews Yellow for Medium Dogs...
For the prevention of heartworm, the long term control of fleas and the control of all intestinal worms including tapeworm... More info...
Shipping: $6.95
Natural Animal Solutions Calm 15mL
Natural Animal Solutions Calm is a calming remedy which is a blend of nervine and calming herbs that assist with general... More info...
In Stock
Baycox Coccidiocide Piglet Solution 1L
For the control of coccidiosis caused by Isospora suis in neonatal piglets. Isospora suis infection is a major cause of... More info...
Shipping: $14.79
Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold 4kg
Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold is a calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement for Palomino Horses. It can help ensure... More info...
Shipping: $6.95
Blue Planet Bubbilo Replacement Diaphragm SP200
Replacement diaphragm for Bubbilo Air Pump. More info...
In Stock
Shipping: $9.95
Horse & Pony Height & Weight Tape
Horse & Pony Height & Weight Tape Measures height in both hands and centimetres on one side of the tape. The other... More info...
Shipping: $6.95
Black Dog Grooming Loop - Single Adjustable Red
The Adjustable Grooming Loop clips to a Grooming Arm and has the integrated Side Release Buckle to easily connect... More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Fluval Zeo Carbon Filter Media 450g
contains 3 x 150g media bags (A1490). Fluval Zeo-Carb eliminates odord,discoloration and ammonia. Pemium blend of... More info...
In Stock
Soffban Orthopaedic Padding 10cm
Soffban is a comfortable, soft and smooth orthopaedic padding. It features a high loft for maximum cushioning and protection and... More info...
The Aquarium Shop Australia
In Stock
Aqua Dekore Exotic Plant Replica Snow Queen
Artificial Plant on log. 16 cm long x 20cm high. Exotic plant replicas to beautify aquariums. Safe for fresh or... More info...
Seachem Flourish Phosphorus 2L
Flourish Phosphorus Product Description Flourish Phosphorus is a safe solution (4500 mg/L phosphate) of potassium... More info...
Vet Products Direct
In Stock
Shipping: $7.20
Mavlab Direa Tablets 50
Direa Tablets stablize the pH of the gut; it protects the intestinal mucosa by absorbing toxins; and maintains and helps... More info...

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