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Doctor Who
Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a time-travelling humanoid alien known as the Doctor who explores the universe in a sentient time machine called the TARDIS. Along wi$13 - $84
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A Country Practice
The perennial family favourite is finally back with five moments Australians will never forget!
From 1981 to 1994 Australians were charmed by the weekly comings and goings of the rural community of Wandin Valley. Now, for the first time, five of the most
$12 - $265
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102 offers from 8 shops
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Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is a highly gifted detective whose career is jeopardized by his overwhelming fear of germs, crowds, small places, and almost everything else. When the police department find themselves unable to crack a high-profile case, they $17 - $103
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13 offers from 4 shops
DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Season 5   DVDs Series 1
The doctors and nurses of County's ER confront the daily challenges of a busy urban hospital, including overcrowded waiting rooms, staffing shortages, and the impact of life-and-death decisions. While they teach the next generation of doctors, each must t$18 - $34
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48 offers from 5 shops
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Ronna needs to make some extra cash. Simon wants to escape to Vegas for the weekend. Adam and Zack just want to stay out of trouble. But it's not going to be just another night in the life of these L.A. twenty-somethings - they're about to embark on a wil$7 - $31
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3 offers from 2 shops
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Babylon 5
This DVD release features all the episodes from Season One of Babylon 5.
Peace in the galaxy is at stake on the giant space station Babylon 5, a mere ten years after the Earth-Minbari war. Located at the nexus of commerce and diplomacy, the space station
$19 - $34
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3 offers from 2 shops
DVDs Season 2   Boxed Sets DVDs for Sale   DVDs Complete Season
7th Heaven
7th Heaven centers around the Camdens, a tight-knit family living in Glenoak, California and consisting of minister dad Eric, homemaker mom Annie, and their brood of five children: Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie and their adorable dog, Happy. The seri$17 - $45
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31 offers from 5 shops
DVDs Season 2   DVDs Season 5   DVDs Season 1
It's the landmark series that inspired an entire genre. Now, television's greatest detective, Columbo, comes to DVD for the first time in this deluxe collector's set. Starring Peter Falk in his 4-time Emmy-winning role as the cigar-chomping, trench coat-w$17 - $103
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22 offers from 4 shops
TV Series DVDs   DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Volume 1
The City
It's a whole new world for 'The Hills' star Whitney Port, as she packs up and moves from the comforts of her hometown in Los Angeles, California, to the bright lights of Manhattan. With a great new job at global design house, Diane Von Furstenberg, a best$7 - $159
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44 offers from 6 shops
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Touch of Frost: The Complete Series 1-15
Every episode from the BAFTA award-winning ITV police drama series starring David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost. Episodes comprise: 'Care and... More info...$12600
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O. Henry's Full House
Five short film adaptations from the stories written by O. Henry. In 'The Cop and the Anthem' a homeless man (Charles Laughton) attempts to get arrested in... More info...$2499
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The Killing
THE KILLING is an innovative thriller in 10 episodes from Danish Radio TV Drama. In the course of 20 gripping days we follow leads and observe the consequences of a heinous crime that seem to ramify throughout Copenhagen. As the investigation unfolds, Cop$16 - $74
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8 offers from 3 shops
DVDs Season 2   Buy DVDs Volume 1   DVDs Season 1
Jewel in the Crown: The Complete Series
Granada TV's dramatisation of Paul Scott's novels about the last days of the British Raj in India. In 'Crossing the River' Daphne Mannings arrives in India for... More info...$3154
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DVDs Complete Series   Drama DVDs Complete Series   DVDs
Saddle Club
The Saddle Club comes together for the very first time and there are only two rules First, you have to be totally crazy about horses and second, you always have to look out for your friends especially since getting ready for an overnight camping trip is f$11 - $33
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6 offers from 2 shops
TV Series DVDs   DVDs Series 2   DVDs Season 2 Online
Midsomer Murders
For the first time, John Nettles introduces five feature length episodes personally chosen as his favourite MIDSOMER stories. From how it all began with the premiere episode to Johns favourite storyline, leading lady, best location and funniest moment, th$7 - $109
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68 offers from 4 shops
DVDs Season 2   DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Season 4
Foyle's War
Spring and summer 1940 World War II has just begun and England looks all but doomed in the face of an inevitable German invasion. Still, someone has to fight crime on the home front and who better than Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen (Proof Of Life, Mrs$16 - $162
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42 offers from 8 shops
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The Catherine Cookson Complete Collection
Catherine Cookson remains one of the worlds most celebrated and beloved novelists with over 90 books published and 123 million copies sold. Her characters and stories, infused with true passion and a unique understanding of life, have captured the imagina$71 - $112
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Spiral ( TV Series )
Crime drama with an exciting French twist.
This stylish gripping French murder mystery thriller follows a crack team of police officers legal professionals as they try to solve the case of a woman's body found in a skip. Allowing us a glimpse at the Fren
$14 - $65
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DVDs Season 3   DVDs Series 1   Shop DVDs Series 4
Twin Peaks
Essentially a prequel to David Lynch and Mark Frost's earlier tv series 'Twin Peaks'. The first half-hour or so concerns the investigation by FBI Agent Chet Desmond into the murder of waitress Teresa Banks. The film then cuts to one year later and follows$12 - $79
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8 offers from 4 shops
Blu-Ray Discs   DVDs Season 2   TV Series DVDs
Grey's Anatomy
Greys Anatomy is a winner, raves the New York Daily News. Both a critical hit and fan favourite, season one burst onto the television landscape with gripping plot lines, a sensational soundtrack and hot stars, including EllenPompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sa$19 - $155
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53 offers from 6 shops
DVDs Complete Series   Purchase DVDs Season 5   DVDs Series 6
Anne Of Green Gables
Megan Follows, Tony Award-winner Colleen Dewhurst and Academy Award-nominee Richard Farnsworth give unparalleled performances in this critically-acclaimed motion picture, based on the international best-selling novel. Filmed amidst the spectacular scenery$20 - $119
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6 offers from 3 shops
Boxed Sets DVDs   Boxed Sets DVDs   DVDs
Little House On The Prairie
The year was 1878, the rush for land was on, and among the many who sought a new life in the new land were the Ingalls; Charles, his young wife; Caroline, and their three daughters; Mary, Laura and Carrie. Packing their few belongings into a wagon, they s$10 - $84
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The Wire
Listen Carefully
On the drug-infested streets of West Baltimore, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart.
From David Simon, creator and co-writer of HBO's triple Emmy winning mini-series The C
$8 - $125
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31 offers from 4 shops
DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Season 2   TV Series DVDs Complete Series
Wild At Heart
$12 - $164
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30 offers from 4 shops
Blu-Ray Discs   TV Series DVDs for Sale   DVDs Season 6
Law & Order UK
Law And Order makes its long-awaited dbut in the UK, meting out justice on the country's criminals in this brilliant re imagining of the Emmy award-winning US drama. Law Order UK features a formidable cast that includes Bradley Walsh (Coronation Street),$13 - $37
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19 offers from 4 shops
TV Series DVDs   DVDs Season 2   DVDs Season 3
Wentworth Season 2 - DVD
Series 2 of Wentworth picks up three months after Bea Smith killed Jacs Holt. During this time she has been languishing in the slot and Franky Doyle has risen... More info...$3596
Shipping: $5.90
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Done Dirt Cheap DVD
DVDs   DVDs Series 2 Deals
Step Up
A fun, hip, music driven summer film in the vein of Save the Last Dance. Set in the exhilarating world of music and dance, Step Up is an inspiring romantic drama that follows the struggles of two teenagers, Tyler and Nora, from opposite sides of the track$9 - $73
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54 offers from 6 shops
Blu-Ray Discs   Boxed Sets DVDs   DVDs
Doc Martin
DOC MARTIN stars Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly) as Doctor Martin Ellingham, a celebrated London surgeon who turns his back on the city life and moves to a sleepy Cornish village to become the local doctor. Despite his surgical brilliance, Doc Martin l$13 - $61
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26 offers from 9 shops
DVDs Complete Series   Buy DVDs Season 3   TV Series DVDs Complete Series
Mcleod's Daughters
McLeods Daughters, the much loved, Logie award winning, Channel 9 drama is available for the first time on DVD. The women of Drovers Run share the same dreams that all women share. They could be our friends or our sisters. They just happen to live in an e$21 - $149
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14 offers from 5 shops
DVDs Season 2   TV Series DVDs   DVDs Season 1
Breaking Bad
Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston stars as Walter White, a down-on-his-luck chemistry teacher struggling to make ends meet for his wife (Anna Gunn) and physically challenged son (RJ Mitte). Everything changes when Walter receives a startling diagnosis: ter$21 - $162
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41 offers from 8 shops
Blu-Ray Discs   DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Series 1 Online
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and The Beast features the adventures and romance between Vincent a mythic, noble man-beast, and Catherine, a savvy assistant D.A. in New York. From the moment these two cross paths, they share a strong psychic bond, and though they live in separat$27 - $116
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14 offers from 6 shops
Compare DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Season 2   DVDs Complete Season
Bold and the Beautiful
Celebrating 21 years of The Bold and the Beautiful with 21 fan favourite episodes on 5 discs, plus exclusive Behind the Scenes bonus features! Watched by millions around the world every day, The Bold and the Beautiful, is one of the longest running TV Sho$4 - $21
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6 offers from 2 shops
DVDs   DVDs Volume 1   Family DVDs
Clint Eastwood: 35 Films, 35 Years
A collection of Clint Eastwood films from Warner Brothers, including some that he directed and produced. The films are: 'Where Eagles Dare' (1968), 'Kelly's... More info...$7197
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DVDs   Shop Clint Eastwood DVDs   DVDs Directed by Clint Eastwood
Marx Brothers Collection (8 Film Box Set)
A collection of 8 classic Marx Brothers films. 'The Cocoanuts' (1929) sees the four Marx brothers - Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo - make their big screen... More info...$3371
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Boxed Sets DVDs   Boxed Sets DVDs   Classic DVDs
From Roland Emmerich, director of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and INDEPENDENCE DAY, comes the ultimate action adventure movie, exploding with ground breaking special effects. As the world faces a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions, cities collapse and cont$12 - $42
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33 offers from 7 shops
DVDs   DVDs Season 1   Purchase Blu-Ray Discs
When Sam and Dean Winchester were just little kids, their mom was killed by something "supernatural." Their father's life and their lives were never the same after that. After that incident, their father raised them to be warriors and started to take an i$19 - $149
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46 offers from 4 shops
TV Series DVDs   DVDs Season 2   DVDs Season 9
Torchwood returns for a 3rd series of 5 episodes, and the team face their fiercest threat to date saving the planet, one alien at a time. 1965: 12 children are gathered together on a deserted moorland, before being surrounded by a harsh, bright light, and$17 - $59
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6 offers from 3 shops
Childrens DVDs   DVDs Complete Series   DVDs Season 1 Prices
Shirley Temple Collection
Shirley Temple is easily the most popular and famous child star of all time. She got her start in the movies at the age of three and soon progressed to super stardom. Shirley could do it all act, sing and dance and all at the age of five! Fans loved her a$9 - $31
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DVDs for Sale   Family DVDs   Classic DVDs
The Samurai
$18 - $25
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3 offers from 3 shops
DVDs   DVDs Trilogy
The Quiet American
Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Graham Greene, a love triangle brews amidst a growing political tempest in this brilliantly intellectual film in which nothing is quite as it seems. In 1952 Saigon is caught between the corrupt colonial powers and the C$12 - $18
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