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Mcleod's Daughters
McLeods Daughters, the much loved, Logie award winning, Channel 9 drama is available for the first time on DVD. The women of Drovers Run share the...
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Inspector Montalbano
Inspector Montalbano is a Sicilian detective originated by writer, Andrea Camilleri. Hes a brooding, well-dressed, extremely sharp detective. And hes been...
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Spiral ( TV Series )
Crime drama with an exciting French twist.
This stylish gripping French murder mystery thriller follows a crack team of police officers legal professionals as...
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Midsomer Murders
For the first time, John Nettles introduces five feature length episodes personally chosen as his favourite MIDSOMER stories. From how it all began...
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The Killing
THE KILLING is an innovative thriller in 10 episodes from Danish Radio TV Drama. In the course of 20 gripping days we follow leads and observe...
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Inspector Rex
4-Disc Set. Series 8 marks the final series of Inspector Rex productions to date. Austria's best-loved canine detective contines his jaunts with the two...
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Step Up
A fun, hip, music driven summer film in the vein of Save the Last Dance. Set in the exhilarating world of music and dance, Step Up is an inspiring romantic...
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Boston Legal
Created by David E. Kelly, the creative mastermind behind Ally McBeal, Picket Fences and The Practice, comes one of the hottest and most innovative new...
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Star Trek : Deep Space Nine
Conceived in 1991, shortly before Gene Roddenberry s death, DS9 centers on the formerly Cardassian space station, Terok Nor. After the Bajorans have...
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Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4 - DVD
With special appearances from The Eleventh Doctor and former Doctors companion Jo Grant. Having faced a chilling... More info...
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Little House On The Prairie
The year was 1878, the rush for land was on, and among the many who sought a new life in the new land were the Ingalls; Charles, his young wife;...
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House of Eliott
The popular BBC series set in a fashion house in the Roaring Twenties starring Stella Gonet and Lousie Lombard. Includes the entire second series. A...
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7th Heaven
7th Heaven centers around the Camdens, a tight-knit family living in Glenoak, California and consisting of minister dad Eric, homemaker mom Annie, and their...
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A Country Practice
The perennial family favourite is finally back with five moments Australians will never forget!
From 1981 to 1994 Australians were charmed by the...
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Based on a true story, this Australian series conveys how complicated, frustrating and how slow the process of solving a murder can be. As an added bonus, it...
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Flashpoint is a high-stakes ensemble police drama about a team of elite cops that handle the calls ordinary cops can't. A SWAT team highly-trained in...
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Prison Break
Episodes Scylla Breaking and Entering Shut Down Eagles and Angels Safe and Sound Blow Out Five the Hard Way The Price Greatness Achieved...
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Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman
From the moment that Dr. Michaela Mike Quinn (Jane Seymour) first stepped from the stagecoach into the mud of Colorado Springs, DR. QUINN...
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Breaking Bad
Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston stars as Walter White, a down-on-his-luck chemistry teacher struggling to make ends meet for his wife (Anna Gunn)...
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All Creatures Great And Small
For James Herriot, veterinary practice doesn't turn out to be quite the science he studied at college. Arriving at Skeldale House in the Yorkshire Dales as a...
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Saddle Club
The Saddle Club comes together for the very first time and there are only two rules First, you have to be totally crazy about horses and second, you always have...
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Arthur Bach is a very rich man- and very drunk most of the time, with a bar bill that reads like the national debt. He also stands to lose his 750-million...
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Graham McGahan is a cop-almost by default he thinks. Self-centred, beset with doubt and afflicted with tinnitus, a few days before Christmas he is sent by...
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The Venture Bros
Dr. Venture is a failed super-scientist living in the shadow of his legendary father. His twin sons Hank and Dean are just two pie-eyed obstacles between...
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The life and death story of Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a. Christopher Wallace), who came straight out of Brooklyn to take the world of rap music by storm.
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Fake psychic. Real detectives.
A novice sleuth is hired by the police after he cons them into thinking he has psychic powers that help solve crimes. With...
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In this psychological thriller a distraught young man announces to his psychiatrist that he plans to commit suicide in three day time. The psychiatrists desperate...
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Australia is an epic and romantic action adventure, set in this country on the explosive brink of World War II. In it, Lady Sarah Ashley, an English...
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Relive the high life of the Carringtons of Denver, a wealthy family whose fortunes are endangered when hostilities in the Middle East threaten Blake...
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Spinning off from the popular TV series JAG, NCIS focuses on the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, a team that operates outside of the military...
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Mash Season 1-11 (inc 1970 Feature) - DVD
M*A*S*HM*A*S*H SEASON 1M*A*S*H SEASON 10M*A*S*H SEASON 11M*A*S*H... More info...
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Underbelly : A Tale of Two Cities
The 10 Year War That Shocked Australia. The True Story.
Never before has one series caused so much controversy. Dark, gritty and based on actual...
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Touched By An Angel
Come join our noble trio, Monica (Roma Downey), Tess (Della Reese), and Andrew (John Dye), as they descend to earth, handling every imaginable human...
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Star Trek Three: The Search For Spock - DVD
Admiral Kirk's defeat of Khan and the creation of the Genesis planet are empty victories. Spock is dead and McCoy is... More info...
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Rob Roy
A passionate and thrilling tale, Rob Roy tells the true story of 18th-Century Scottish hero Robert Roy McGregor (Liam Neeson- Schindler's List...
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New York New York
Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese teams with Academy Award winners Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro in this splashy, flashy musical spectacle...
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The New World
The New World is an epic adventure set amid the encounter of European and Native American cultures during the founding of the Jamestown settlement in...
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Mchales Navy
Veteran seaman Quinton McHale becomes Skipper of the PT Boat 73 stationed on the island of Taratupa in the Pacific. Assigned to his command are six...
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Much Ado About Nothing
A romantic comedy set in a regional newsroom between warring co-anchors Beatrice and Benedick. Much Ado About Nothing, where Beatrice presents a...
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John Wayne
If anyone personified the Wild West, it was John Wayne, one of the greatest Movie Stars of all time. For the first time on DVD in Australia here is...
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In Country
Teenager Samantha Hughes (Emily Lloyd) of Hopewell, KY, is pretty, headstrong and curious. About the father she never knew and about the war that...
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Game 6
Its opening night... Let the games begin. Nicky Rogans new play is opening on Broadway and many agree, he has written the best play his career. Or has he....
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Family Guy
Here is every Family Guy episode on DVD in one box for the first time, a 17 disc set with over 90 episodes, including exclusive special features. Plus...
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East Of Everything
Paradise lost Try a little harder. East of Everything is a six part Australian drama about an absent son (Richard Roxburgh) who returns to his small...
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Doctor Who
Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a time-travelling humanoid alien...
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Birdcage, The / Adventures of Priscilla, The - Queen...
Robin williams, gene hackman, nathan lane and dianne wiest lead thelaughs in this wild comedy that insists you don't have... More info...
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Agatha Christie : Poirot
Based on Agatha Christies short stories, Hercule Poirot is a famous Belgian detective, who along with his faithful sidekick Captain Hastings, always gets...
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Mistresses Season 2 - DVD
One year on and the lives of these four 30+ women are as complex as ever. Relationships, younger men, strangers and... More info...
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Macbeth - DVD
Transplanted from the highlands of Scotland to the gangland streets of Melbourne, Shakespeare's savage tale of power,... More info...
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Eat Pray Love - DVD
At a crossroads in her life, Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) travels to Italy, India and Bali to discover meaning and... More info...
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Ouran High School Host Club Series Coll. - DVD
Bookish Haruhi can't afford to be slack, being on a scholarship and out of place among the moneyed at the prestigious Ouran... More info...
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Agatha Christie's Marple Season 5 - DVD
Includes - Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: 1. The Mirror Crack'd 2. The Secret of Chimneys 3. The Blue... More info...
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Redfern Now: The Complete Box Set - DVD
Celebrated by audiences and critics alike, over two series and one telemovie, the multiple award-winning Redfern Now... More info...
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Janet King Season 2 - DVD
In this highly-anticipated second series, Janet is seconded from the DPP to lead a Royal Commission into a deadly... More info...
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