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American President
Widowed US President Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) is unwilling to jeopardise his high standing in the... More info...
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Mother and Child
Featuring stand-out performances from a superb cast lead by naomi watts (21 grams, the international) and annette bening (the... More info...
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Bugsy DVD from DVDLand. From Academy Award Winning director Barry Levinson (1988, Rain Man),... More info...
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Face Of Love, The - Video Free Shipping
A romance filled with intrigue, surprise, and reflections on the mystery of love, THE FACE OF LOVE stars... More info...
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Mother And Child - Video Free Shipping
Mother and Child is a striking drama centred around three women whose paths will cross and change them forever: Karen ... More info...
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Yogawoman a film narrated by Annette Bening. A ground breaking feature film about the powerful impact of yoga on... More info...
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The Danny Collins DVD stars legend Al Pacino, Annette Bening and Jennifer Garner. Danny Collins is an aging... More info...
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The Face of Love DVD starring the late Robin Williams, Annette Benning and Ed Harris. A romance filled with... More info...
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Mother and Child DVD from DVDLand. Fifty-year-old Karen (Annette Bening) regrets giving up her daughter,... More info...
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Mars Attacks - Video Free Shipping
Awake, Earthlings! It s later than you think. Don t miss this hilarious frenzy as Tim Burton directs... More info...
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DVD Face with Annette Bening
Kim (Bai Ling) is a timid and conflicted 20 year old in the 1970's, struggling to sort out her relationship with her traditional mother while forging a...
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Running With Scissors with Annette Bening
Brilliant performances from an all-star cast (headed by ANNETTE BENING, BRIAN COX, JOSEPH FIENNES, GWENETH...
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Being Julia with Annette Bening
As she enters her early 40s, London theater actress Julia Lambert (Annette Bening) starts having a nervous breakdown. She still rules the West End,...
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American Beauty with Annette Bening
AMERICAN BEAUTY Look closer at the most talked about film of the year. Intelligent, provocative and wickedly funny, American beauty has struck a...
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In Dreams DVD from DVDLand. Claire Copper's ( Annette Bening ) peaceful family life takes a chilling turn when... More info...
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The Siege (Blu-ray)
"hilling, riveting" (ABC Radio Network) and "terrifyingly real" (Jeann Wolf's Hollywood), THE SIEGE... More info...
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There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there's... HANCOCK.
With great power comes great responsibility everyone knows that. Everyone,...
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Australia is an epic and romantic action adventure, set in this country on the explosive brink of World War II. In it, Lady Sarah Ashley, an English...
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Set in a futuristic world where humans interact vicariously through surrogate androids that brave life experiences on behalf of their human controllers. An FBI...
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Zachary Levi plays Chuck, a nerdy computer tech who has a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain. Chuck soon finds himself recruited by John...
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Barney : Let's Pretend
Lets Pretend Imagine the fun youll experience with Barney and his friends as they build their own air plane and go on a tropical island adventure. From...
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Trapped in an isolated gas station by a voracious Splinter parasite that transforms its still living victims into deadly hosts, a young couple and an escaped convict...
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Lost ( TV Series )
The epic story of Lost twists; turns and time shifts in its brilliant fifth season. Packed with bonus material; including a revealing interview with the cast...
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To The Manor Born
Featuring the further adventures of Audrey fforbes-Hamilton (Penelope Keith), the outrageous but likeable snob who has fallen on hard times. Despite her...
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Roman Polanski
Director Roman Polanski is the focus of this documentary that explores the tumultuous events of his personal life, including the murder of his pregnant wife,...
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Paranoid Park
Alex is a 16 year-old skater, spending his afternoons with his pal Jared at the inner city skate park known as Paranoid Park. One evening, when one of the...
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New York New York
Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese teams with Academy Award winners Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro in this splashy, flashy musical spectacle...
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Midsomer Murders
For the first time, John Nettles introduces five feature length episodes personally chosen as his favourite MIDSOMER stories. From how it all began...
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Mad Men
Set in 1960 New York City Mad Men explores the glamorous and ego driven "Golden Age" of advertising where everyone is selling something and nothing is...
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The resourceful MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) locks horns with evil escape artist Dr. Zito (W. Morgan Sheppard) in Season 6 of the action-packed...
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Love Comes Lately
Though approaching his eighties, Max Kohn shows no signs of slowing down. He pursues his love life both real and imagined with youthful vigor, thereby...
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K-1 World Gp 2008 - Final 16 - Seoul, South...
September 27, 2008 - More than 15,000 fans filled Seoul's Olympic Gymnasium to witness the top 16... More info...
393 points
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Heroes Of World War II
During the darkest days of World War II when war lords unleashed their hordes upon the free world, a handful of warriors stepped forward to lead their...
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Gurren Lagann
In their battle against the armies of Lordgenome, Team Dai-Gurren has suffered a crippling blow. Simon throws himself recklessly into the battles against the...
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Flight of the Conchords
Flight of the Conchords is a New Zealand-based comedy duo composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement
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Dog The Bounty Hunter
No door is strong enough to stop Dog and his fearsome posse of bounty hunters. But its not that Dog - self-professed best bounty hunter in the world - dislikes...
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Choking man
Choking Man is an intense blend of psychological drama and magical realism that encapsulates the contemporary immigrant experience in America. Jorge (Octovio...
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Breathing Room
Thrown naked into a desolate room with thirteen strangers, Tonya (Ailsa Marshall) discovers that she is the final contestant in a deadly game. Restrained by...
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Bad Girls
The first in a series of internationally acclaimed drama boasting challenging and powerful storylines. This modern day Prisoner with an edge has fast become a...
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10 Minute Solution
No time to exercise We have the solution for you - the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we've developed 5 fat...
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xXx: The Next Level
Ice Cube plays Darius Stone, the new recruit for NSA agent, Augustus Gibbon (Samuel L Jackson reprising the role he played in the first movie). After...
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Open Season
The Odd Are About To Get Even.
Boog (Martin Lawrence), a domesticated 900 lb. grizzly bear with no survival skills, has his perfect world turned...
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Old Dogs
Two best friends - an unlucky-in-love divorcee (Robin Williams) and a fun loving bachelor (John Travolta) - have their lives turned upside down when they...
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Mao's Last Dancer
From internationally acclaimed Australian film director Bruce Beresford comes the inspirational true story of a small boy s extraordinary journey from poverty to...
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The Mask
Jim Carrey stars as mild mannered bank clerk Stanely Ipkiss, who discovers a mysterious ancient mask which brings his inner most desires screaming to life! Now...
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Good Night And Good Luck
In the early 1950's, the threat of Communism created an air of paranoia in the United States and exploiting those fears was Senator Joseph McCarthy of...
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Black Balloon
When Thomas (Rhys Wakefield) and his family move to a new home and he has to start at a new school, all he wants is to fit in.
When his pregnant mother ...
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The Aviator
The Aviator tells the story of the emotional life of aviation pioneer, Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) between the late 1920s to the...
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New Daughter, The - Blu-Ray
A father moves his two kids to an isolated farm only to find his daughter's changed behaviour might have something to do with... More info...
391 points
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Mansion Great Houses of Europe - DVD
In thiscomplete series of half-hourly programmes produced by Colonial American for the Discovery Channel (Europe) Marcus... More info...
1,461 points
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Human Centipede, The - Blu-Ray
Whilst backpacking through Germany two American girls find themselves stranded in remote woodlands at night. At a... More info...
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