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Xylocaine Ointment 35G
Xylocaine 5% Ointment Lignocaine 35G More info...$3199
In Stock
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Cincotta Discount Chemist
Medication Form: Gel, Ointment$15-31
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4 offers from 2 shops
Xylocaine Special Adhesive 15G
Xylocaine Special Adhesive Lignocaine 15G Flavoured Ointment. More info...$2499
In Stock
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Cincotta Discount Chemist
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Medication Form: Capsules, Pack, Powder, Sachet$8-55
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79 offers from 13 shops
Voltaren Emulgel
Medication Form: Gel, Pack$5-69
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40 offers from 11 shops
Hyland's Leg Cramps
Medication Form: Caplets, Ointment, Tablets$9-85
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28 offers from 6 shops
Medication Form: Caplets, Capsules, Pack, Patches, Tablets$0-56
Compare Prices
56 offers from 18 shops
Medication Form: Capsules, Drops, Liquid, Pack, Solution, Spray, Tablets$4-99
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73 offers from 18 shops
Badger Sleep Balm
Medication Form: Balsam$7-72
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13 offers from 6 shops
Mentholatum Ice Spray
Medication Form: Spray$8-59
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7 offers from 7 shops
Nurofen for Children
Medication Form: Drops, Pack, Suspension$5-69
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37 offers from 6 shops
Medication Form: Gum, Pack, Patches, Tablets$7-88
Compare Prices
97 offers from 11 shops
Medication Form: Caplets, Capsules, Gel, Liquid, Pack, Tablets$2-66
Compare Prices
106 offers from 19 shops
Boiron Chamomilla
Medication Form: Capsules, Pellets$7-29
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10 offers from 6 shops
Allevyn Adhesive
Medication Form: Dressings, Pack$7-229
Compare Prices
15 offers from 6 shops
Primapore Conformable Dressing
Medication Form: Dressings, Pack, Strips$1-151
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29 offers from 9 shops
Medication Form: Cream, Ointment, Pack$3-65
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38 offers from 14 shops
Nurofen Zavance
Medication Form: Caplets, Capsules, Liquid, Pack, Tablets$4-69
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81 offers from 18 shops
Bosisto's Tea Tree
Medication Form: Oil, Pack, Solution, Spray$6-65
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32 offers from 10 shops
NeilMed's Sinugator
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5 offers from 5 shops
Brauer Arnica Cream
Medication Form: Cream, Pack, Tube$11-59
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17 offers from 14 shops
Painaway Arthritis
Medication Form: Cream, Lotion, Roll, Salt, Spray$13-85
Compare Prices
61 offers from 19 shops
Medication Form: Cream, Gel, Pack, Powder, Spray, Tincture$4-59
Compare Prices
52 offers from 10 shops
Medication Form: Caplets, Capsules, Pack, Tablets$4-59
Compare Prices
51 offers from 14 shops
Zen Joint And Muscle Care
Medication Form: Drops, Gel, Liniments, Spray, Tube$7-145
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20 offers from 13 shops
Opsite Flexifix Transparent
Medication Form: Dressings, Roll$11-150
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13 offers from 5 shops
Nexcare Micropore Paper Tape
Medication Form: Tapes$1-29
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25 offers from 7 shops
Euky Bearub
Medication Form: Pack, Sports Rubs$6-54
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12 offers from 12 shops
Opsite Flexigrid
Medication Form: Dressings, Pack$1-139
Compare Prices
19 offers from 10 shops
Medication Form: Cream, Ointment, Pack$6-59
Compare Prices
7 offers from 5 shops
Medication Form: Ointment, Tube$5-8
Compare Prices
6 offers from 6 shops
Wart Off
Medication Form: Applicators, Liquid, Pack, Roll, Spray$8-79
Compare Prices
18 offers from 10 shops
Tiger Balm Extra Strength
Medication Form: Balsam, Ointment, Pack$2-54
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17 offers from 13 shops
Nervatona Calm
Medication Form: Liquid, Pack, Spray, Tablets$14-28
Compare Prices
11 offers from 6 shops
Difflam Extra Strength Gel
Medication Form: Gel, Pack, Tube$7-65
Compare Prices
14 offers from 12 shops
Medication Form: Dressings, Pack, Roll, Strips$0-558
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41 offers from 11 shops
Medication Form: Cream, Pack$3-49
Compare Prices
31 offers from 16 shops
Alpha Keri Oil
Medication Form: Oil, Pack$14-68
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5 offers from 2 shops
Brauer Arthritis Relief
Medication Form: Cream$23-29
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2 offers from 2 shops
Standart First Aid Kits
Medication Form: Bags, Bandage, Blanket, Kit, Pack, Plaster, Roll, Strips$3-739
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170 offers from 30 shops
Claratyne Non-Drowsy
Medication Form: Tablets$9-57
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6 offers from 2 shops
Mylanta 2Go Double Strength
Medication Form: Liquid, Tablets$3-13
Compare Prices
24 offers from 9 shops
Medication Form: Spray$11-66
Compare Prices
21 offers from 11 shops
Medication Form: Pack, Tablets$3-54
Compare Prices
24 offers from 12 shops
Deep Heat Arthritis
Medication Form: Cream, Pack$7-54
Compare Prices
9 offers from 9 shops
Demazin Liquid
Medication Form: Drops, Pack, Spray, Syrup$9-54
Compare Prices
13 offers from 7 shops
Nicabate CQ
Medication Form: Drops, Gum, Lozenges, Pack, Patches$9-323
Compare Prices
71 offers from 12 shops
Vicks VapoNaturals Lozenges
Medication Form: Bags, Drops, Lozenges, Pack$3-49
Compare Prices
29 offers from 7 shops
Elastoplast Sport Elastowrap
Medication Form: Pack, Plaster$9-66
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12 offers from 8 shops
Duro-Tuss Cough
Medication Form: Liquid, Pack, Syrup$8-59
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31 offers from 10 shops
Medication Form: Gel, Oil, Pack, Soap Bar, Solution, Tube$5-66
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33 offers from 9 shops
Hyland's Natrum Phosphoricum
Medication Form: Tablets$6-59
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19 offers from 5 shops
Chemists'Own Stomach Ache And Pain Relief
Medication Form: Pack, Tablets$4-49
Compare Prices
4 offers from 4 shops
Ease A Cold Cough Cold And Flu
Medication Form: Capsules, Gel, Liquid, Lozenges, Pack$4-59
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21 offers from 11 shops
Martin And Pleasance Tea Tree
Medication Form: Cream, Tube$6-43
Compare Prices
11 offers from 6 shops
Emu Fire Eczema and Psoriasis
Medication Form: Cream$14-24
Compare Prices
10 offers from 10 shops
Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test
Medication Form: Kit, Pack, Test$7-199
Compare Prices
31 offers from 13 shops
Scholl Corn Removal
Medication Form: Pack, Pads, Plaster$6-56
Compare Prices
14 offers from 9 shops
Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist see your doctor. Your pharmacist's advice is required. Your doctor/healthcare professional will advise you whether this preparation is suitable for you/your condition.
Items with homeopathic claims are based on traditional evidence

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