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Kevin Murphy Plumping.Rinse
A thickening, densifying shampoo to strengthen fine or thinning hair. More info...
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Adore Beauty
Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo 250ml
Item Description Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo purifies and balances oily or flaky scalps. More info...$2495
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Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo 250ml
Purifies and balances oily or flaky scalps More info...
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Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash 250ml
Shop with confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Description: Winner of Best Shampoo in the 2009 Australian Beauty... More info...
Shipping: $7.95
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Cosmetics Now Australia
Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo 250ml
Shop with confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Description: Purifies and balances oily or flaky scalps. More info...
Shipping: $7.95
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Cosmetics Now Australia
Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo
A dry cleaner for your hair. This revolutionary product will remove all your sins from the night before. More info...
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Adore Beauty
Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo 250ml
A detoxifying shampoo that contains AHAs (fruit acids) that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp. The balancing essential oils penetrate... More info...$3495
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Salon Style
Kevin Murphy- Maxi Wash 1ltr
A detoxifying shampoo that contains AHAĆ¢??s (fruit acids) that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp. The balancing essential oils... More info...
Shipping: $15.00
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Kevin Murphy Protection Wash Heat Protecting Shampoo...
Product Description: Kevin Murphy Protection Wash defends hair from heat damage Using the Kevin Murphy X-HP complex. It defends against... More info...$2495
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Nioxin System 3 Cleanser For Fine Hair, Chemically Enhanced, Normal to Thin-Looking Hair
A daily volumizing cleanser Gently removes residues & DHT from scalp & hair Safeguards scalp from drying irritation of chemical services Helps prevent color fading away Provides nourishing vitamins, proteins & amino acids Creates & maintains a healthy sca$24-126
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68 offers from 29 shops
Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo (For Dry and Unruly Hair)
An intensely smoothing shampoo for dry & unruly hair Helps gently cleanse & regulate hair for a long-lasting, frizz-free finish Contains Thermo-Active Polymer to seal in internal moisture & combat frizz Blended with Almond Oil to condition & coat hair for$17-115
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39 offers from 23 shops
Joico Daily Care Treatment Shampoo
Specifically designed to help control scalp challenges and disorders, this shampoo contains UV protectants to condition and protect against daily environmental stress. Combines a unique blend of biotin, jojoba oil and inositol slough to remove dry skin an$11-77
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97 offers from 24 shops
Matrix Biolage Normalizing Shampoo
A balanced shampoo to deeply cleanse hair & scalp
Formulated with pure botanical extracts & balancing agents
Effectively clears away daily build-up & impurities
Leaves hair fresh, moist & full of body
Perfect for normal to oily hair
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8 offers from 8 shops
Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo
An effective exfoliating shampoo for thinning hair.
Contains wintergreen-derived salicylic acid to cleanse, exfoliate & renew scalp.
Clinically proven to eliminate the build-up of sebum & product residue.
Blended with extracts from millet seed & milk t
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15 offers from 13 shops
Kerastase Nutritive Bain Nutri-Thermique Shampoo
An intensely nutritive shampoo for very dry & sensitised hair Contains Dosage Gluco-Active 3 to deliver glucose, proteins & lipids to hair Blended with Thermo-Reactive Polymer to form a 3D network to retain moisture Infused with Ceramic to function as a t$24-139
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19 offers from 13 shops
Matrix Total Results Repair Reparation Shampoo
A reparative shampoo for distressed, fragile or broken hair Helps gently cleanse hair while re-building brittle strands Developed with Cuticle Rebond TechnologyTM Formulated with Ceramide & Amino Silicones to re-surface the cuticle Leaves hair lustrous, s$8-72
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151 offers from 24 shops
Deva DevaCare No-Poo No-Fade Zero Lather Cleanser
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22 offers from 12 shops
Aesop Nurturing Shampoo
A creamy botanical nourishing shampoo.
Helps cleanse the scalp & regulate unruly hair.
Contains an optimal balance of botanicals that deliver superior hydration without irritating sensitive scalps.
Infused with refreshing mint, herbaceous & nutty aroma
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23 offers from 13 shops
Kerastase Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydratant Anti-Dandruff Moisturising Shampoo
A hydrating shampoo for dry scalps prone to dandruff Helps remove visible flakes for up to six weeks Developed with triple action effect technology Contains exfoliating micro-beads that cleanse, smooth & moisturise scalp Immediately soothes dry, tight sca$29-121
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23 offers from 14 shops
Wella SP Smoothen Shampoo (For Unruly Hair)
A sleeking shampoo to regulate unruly & curly hair Formulated with an Active Cashmere Complex Contains Avocado oil to shield against dehydration & combat humidity Blended with Zein to boost hair s resistance to negative influences Plus Cashmere to smoothe$19-105
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20 offers from 12 shops
Wella SP Color Save Shampoo
A color-preserving shampoo.
Helps cleanse & nurture hair.
Developed with 3D Color Protect Technology to continuously shield hair against color-fading.
Hair appears healthy in durably vibrant color.
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33 offers from 18 shops
Natralia Nourish Shampoo Dry Hair Avocado and Jojoba...
Product Features: * Natural nourishing hair care * Free from sulfates, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances More info...
Shipping: $8.95
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Pharmacy Online
Eco Kid Prevent Daily Shampoo
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14 offers from 11 shops
Agadir Argan Oil Daily Moisturizing Shampoo
A mild, anti-color fade shampoo.
Formulated with 100% pure & certified Argan oil.
Contains Vitamin E, antioxidants & unsaturated essential fatty acids.
Blended with Omega-6 & 9.
Helps detangle, sleek & nurture hair.
Hair appears nourished &
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40 offers from 22 shops
Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo
A daily shampoo is suitable for all type of blonde hair Improves brilliance and colour clarity Reinforces strength on hair Genlty cleanses, refreshes highlights & develops volume Protects against damage Leaves hair shinning, nourishes, replenished & shinn$16-101
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8 offers from 6 shops
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo
Gently cleanses hair while adding volume and shine. Helps repair worn down locks to make hair more manageable.
How does it work?
Chamomile, henna, rosemary, aloe vera and jojoba create brilliant shine and reflection
Panthenol adds body and
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44 offers from 21 shops
KMS California Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo
A deep cleansing shampoo.
Contains chelating agent to eliminate dulling product & mineral build-up.
Formulated with pomegranate pepper to support hold & shield against environmental damage.
Mild enough for daily use & use on color-treated hair.
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25 offers from 17 shops
L'Oreal Professionnel Expert Serie - Delicate Color Shampoo
A creamy-light, color-preserving shampoo Developed with Incell Hydro-Resist double-locking technology Helps shield, boost & extend brightness of hair color Hair appears softer, smoother in brilliant color Features a sulfate-free formula To use: Apply even$14-130
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33 offers from 15 shops
Rene Furterer Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Formulated with Melaleuca essential oil & Camphor essential oil.
Plus Zinc pyrithione, Zinc gluconate & Curbicia extract.
Helps remove dandruff & reduce itchiness.
Controls excess sebum & balances oily scalp.
Leaves hair clean, smooth & scalp healthy.
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35 offers from 14 shops
Aveda Be Curly Shampoo
A daily cleanser that enhances curl & reduces frizz Contains wheat protein & organic aloe blend Expands when hair is wet & retracts when dry to boost curl or wave Gives shine on hair Leaves hair freshly scented with citrus notes of lime, lemon, orange $32-149
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40 offers from 15 shops
Wella Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 250ml
Free Shipping. Shop with confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Description: An efficacious anti-dandruff shampoo for flaky scalps. More info...
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Cosmetics Now Australia
EVO Water Killer Dry Shampoo 300ml
concept. a two-in-one dry shampoo and styling spray that makes hair feel and smell fresh again.benefits. helps prevent damage to hair through washing and blow drying. saves time.$8-32
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10 offers from 7 shops
Davines Nounou Nourishing Illuminating Shampoo
Gently clean hair and scalp.
Restore colour and add shine.
Contains chestnut milk, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals salts & lipids.
Intensely moisturize hair from roots.
Hydrocreatine gives strength and elasticity.
Rice Bran condition and protect ha
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6 offers from 3 shops
Redken Soothing Balance Shampoo
Gentle care formula soothes, calms, and de-stresses scalp while cleansing and removing impurities from the scalp and hair.
Eucalyptus and licorice extracts = instant calming, soothing, and relief of sensitivity and scalp stress
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20 offers from 20 shops
paul mitchell instant moisture daily shampoo 1L
Instant Moisture Daily ShampooHYDRATES AND REVIVES DRY HAIRMoisturizes Protects and Conditions The Instant... More info...$3479
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Paul Mitchell Shampoo One
A gentle, color safe shampoo for chemically-treated hair Combines balanced surfactants to deliver rich lather & protect color Blends panthenol & wheat-derived conditioners to improve hair texture Extracts of chamomile, henna, rosemary, aloe vera, & jojoba$14-98
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47 offers from 22 shops
Keune Care Line Derma Activating Shampoo 1 Litre
for Delicate Hair & Hair Loss, With Rejuvenator Technology A mild cleansing shampoo which assists in making hair stronger & reduce the number of... More info...$5415
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Salon Style
Lakme Teknia Curl Up Shampoo 100ml
Moisturizing shampoo for curly hair. Prolongs curl definition and bounce. Frizz control. Note: 300ml size image show for illustration purposes. More info...$1215
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Salon Style
Juuce Ultimate Blonde Shampoo 1 Litre
A cream moisturising shampoo with extra toning to reduce gold tones for pure blonde hair. More info...$3595
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Salon Style
Alterna Bamboo Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo...
Virtually translucent dry shampoo spray absorbs oil, product build-up and impurities to extend the life of your blowout without leaving a powdery... More info...$3312
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Salon Style
Tigi Bedhead Recharge Shampoo 250ml
Eleminate the nasties with this anti-oxidant rich shampoo that removes pollutants, sweat and build-up from your hair to reveal super reflective shine. More info...$2160
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Salon Style
Davines NaturalTech Calming Shampoo
Calming is a family of soothing and calming products for particularly sensitised or sensitive scalps. The Calming shampoo formula contains phytoceuticals extracted from blueberries, rich in polyphenols and sugars with very high anti-inflammatory power. T$25-107
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27 offers from 14 shops
Wella Professionals Refresh Revitalizing Shampoo
A refreshing & revitalizing shampoo.
With a new & improved formula.
Contains special ingredients of Bamboo Cafferine & Menthol.
Helps gently cleanse hair while cooling & invigorating scalp.
Leaves scalp calm, purified & hair vigorous, refreshed.
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12 offers from 11 shops
John Masters Organics Evening Primrose Shampoo
A pH-balanced, ultra-nourishing shampoo.
Formulated with evening primrose oil, seven proteins & amino acids.
Contains ten certified-organic extracts & eleven certified-organic plant oils to hydrate & soften hair.
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16 offers from 12 shops
Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo
A baby shampoo with a tearless formula Contains moderate cleansers & a neutral pH Formulated with chamomile & cone flower extract Helps pacify & relieve skin & scalp Infused with extracts to hydrate hair & prevent loss of moisture Leaves hair & scalp heal$15-99
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39 offers from 18 shops
Rusk Sensories Brilliance Grapefruit and Honey Color Protecting Shampoo
Formulated for gently cleansing & protecting fragile, color-treated hair Contains anti-oxidant Vitamin C-rich Grapefruit Extract, Vitamin E & Vitamin A Helps to protect & prevent color fading Loaded with pure Honey, Sea Kelp & Vegetable Protein Improves h$20-91
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16 offers from 10 shops
Davines Natural Tech Detoxifying Environmental Damage Recovery Shampoo
A potent shampoo to protect health of hair EDTA & Phytic Acid work together to remove pollutants Rice proteins & Panthenol offer moisture for optimal balance Extra Atoligomer derived from sea salt replenishes essential minerals Leaves hair clean, smooth,$25-37
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10 offers from 10 shops
Redken Real Control Nourishing Repair Shampoo
A nourishing & reparative shampoo Helps mildly cleanse hair Developed with exclusive Interbond Conditioning System Contains Care Adjust Complex Gives internal vitality & sleeking control Leaves hair smoother, shiner & healthier Perfect for dense, dry or s$23-118
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27 offers from 15 shops
Nioxin System 6 Cleanser For Medium/Coarse Hair, Natural Hair, Noticeably Thinning Hair
Helps to improve the appearance of thinning hair by creating a healthy scalp environment. BioAMP adds thickness from inside the cuticle and strengthens the hair shaft. Bionutrients and Activ-Renewal with Nourishing Vitamins, Proteins and Amino Acids help $24-300
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55 offers from 27 shops
Joe Grooming Thickening Shampoo 200ml
:Professional Salon Product Barley andamp; Hops Help Thicken andamp; Strengthen Hair without Dryness pH-balanced. Made in the USA More info...
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L'Oreal Professional - Silver Shampoo
Get FREE Express Shipping Today. For a pure and natural sheen, giving the hair a healthy look and feel. Designed to nautralise yellow tones and... More info...$2195
Shipping: $5.95
In Stock
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My Hair Care
Clear Shampoo Men Cool Sport 200ml
Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy is a new line of shampoos and conditioners that will change the way women care for their hair. 99 percent of hairs natural nourishment comes from the scalp,$4-4
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2 offers from 2 shops
Palmolive Naturals Shampoo Healthy Ends
Treat and protect your hair with palmolive naturals healthy ends shampoo.Its creamy formula enriched with 10% natural silk extracts and pro vitamin b5 helps strengthen and protect your hair, leaving you with up to 90% less split ends.$2-6
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4 offers from 3 shops
Dermaveen Oatmeal Shampoo
Dry, itchy or sensitive skin welcomes the natural soothing, hydration and protection of natural colloidal oatmeal.
DermaVeen Oatmeal Shampoo can be used everyday for dry, itchy or sensitive scalp.
Dermaveen Oatmeal Shampoo:
* is pH balanced
* w
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27 offers from 11 shops
Arcon Shampoo (Dry Treatment) 250ml
To assist in the maintenance of new hair growth. Cleanses and balances dry, irritated scalp conditions and restores moisture to dry, brittle or damaged... More info...
Shipping: $8.95
In Stock
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Pharmacy Online
Natural Oil Workers Shampoo Rosemary 500ml
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Propolene Glycol free. No fillers, mineral oils, petrochemicals or animal products. Recommended for normal to oily hair.... More info...
Shipping: $8.95
In Stock
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Pharmacy Online
Enya Moisture Therapy Shampoo 1lt
You can get smoother, silkier hair with Enya Moisture Therapy Shampoo.This shampoo has been chosen by Australian haircare professionals. The... More info...
In Stock
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Modern Organic Products C-system Clean Shampoo
Free Shipping. Shop with confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Description: A sulfate- & fragrance-free shampoo for sensitive scalp.$17-39
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12 offers from 11 shops
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