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Grey Goose Original Vodka
Distilled using French wheat from the La Beauce region and made with water from the Gensac that is filtered through champag Price may vary per state.
Silovik Vodka (700ml)
Silovik has much the same characteristics; tastes, smell and appearance as vodka, without the restrictive price point. It can be used in much the same way... More info...
In Stock
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Crystal Head Vodka
Crystal Head Vodka is the realisation of the dream and vision of well-known actor Dan Aykroyd and colleague, fine artist, John Alexander. Both are avid researchers into the phenomenon that is the 5,000 to 35,000 year old Crystal Heads that have been found
Compare prices - 14 offers - 6 shops
Smirnoff Red Label Vodka
Smirnoff No.21 Red Label is a clear, grain-based vodka. Under US regulation, clear (unflavored) vodkas must meet a minimum requirement of 40% ABV.
This vodka was distilled 3 times. In general, repeated distillation makes the vodka more "pure."
Skinnygirl Cosmopolitan 750mL
The newest kid on the Skinnygirl block, Cosmo slides straight into the Skinnygirl range with ease with its delicious taste, natural flavours and... More info...
In Stock
611 points
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Belvedere Pure Vodka
Belvedere Pure Vodka is a luxury, hand crafted vodka produced from Dankowskie Gold Rye in small batches and four times distilled for optimum flavour.
Hailing from a century old distillery in the small town of Zyrardow, just West of Warsaw, Belvedere Pu
Compare prices - 3 offers - Dan Murphy's
Mishka Vodka
Imported from France, this is a great value Vodka that is absolutely perfect for many cocktail recipes including the traditional Caprioska.
Vodka Cruiser Celebrate 6 x 275mL
Vodka Cruiser's latest release brings the excitement of a celebration to your taste buds! The limited edition Celebrate mixed 6 pack features 3 unique... More info...
In Stock
1,751 points
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Smirnoff North Vodka
The wait is over! Smirnoff North has arrived along with its crisp, invigorating triple-distilled freshness that Smirnoff are famous the world over for. Flavoured with rare Nordic Berries, Smirnoff North is destined to be the Vodka must-have of the year -
UV Cake Vodka 750mL (per case of 12)
UV cake flavoured vodka is the official celebration spirit. The smoothness of the spirit lends itself to this one of a kind flavouring creating an... More info...
In Stock
14,015 points
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Rhythm Vodka Soda & Ginseng Can
This exciting new quality premix that matches premier vodka with natural flavours of Ginseng and refreshing Soda to deliver a crisp and exciting drink in this striking can.
Chambord Vodka 700mL
Captured in the distinctive orb-shaped bottle, Chambord Flavoured Vodka is a naturally flavoured and unique blend of premium French vodka, a Chambord... More info...
In Stock
1,251 points
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666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka
Touted as being 'pure evil', 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka is a spirit that is equal parts pure and decadent. Made in North Western Tasmania from Tasmanian Barley, fermented in Tasmania, pot distilled in Tasmania, filtered in Tasmania and bottled in Tasmania w
Vodka Cruiser Black Lemon Lime & Bitters 275mL
Vodka Cruiser Black Lemon Lime & Bitters is a take on the classic Lemon, Lime & Bitters but with the addition of double-distilled Vodka for... More info...
In Stock
2,280 points
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Absolut Vanilia Vodka
Absolut Vanilia was introduced in 2003. Basically because vanilla is one of the most beloved flavors in the world. And it wasn t long until that fact was reinforced through the instant success of Absolut Vanilia it is almost equally popular as vanilla i
Compare prices - 5 offers - 4 shops
Russian Standard Original Vodka
Russian Standard is more than a name it s a promise to give vodka lovers around the world a new standard in vodka. Where once drinkers had to choose between a pure vodka or a vodka with good taste, now drinkers can have both.
Made only in St. Petersburg,
Compare prices - 2 offers - 2 shops
Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
Pronounced zoob-roov-ka , Zubrowka is a classic Polish vodka distilled from rye and infused with bison grass.
Don t let the grass put you off! Zubrowka is a dry and herbal flavoured vodka with much more than just plants mixed in vodka, there are flavour
AnestasiA Vodka 750mL
The five-times-distilled AnestasiA Vodka is crafted on a 10-hectare farm in Oregon, in the US, embodying the pristine wilderness that surrounds... More info...
In Stock
2,363 points
Luksusowa Vodka 700mL
This potato based, elegantly smooth Vodka is created in a copper pot still by expert distillers. They craft this extraordinary vodka in small batches,... More info...
In Stock
1,167 points
Ruskov Vodka 700mL
Ruskov Vodka is no ordinary Vodka. Made from sugar beet, Ruskov has a unique taste that is great for mixing or as the perfect base to many cocktails,... More info...
In Stock
778 points
Fair Quinoa Vodka 700mL
A new generation of vodka, stemmed from unique French know-how, produced and bottled in France, in the Cognac region, using Bolivian Quinoa seeds... More info...
In Stock
1,890 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - 2 shops
Ultimat Vodka
Unlike any other ultra-premium vodka, Ultimat is a carefully crafted balance of three ingredients wheat for smoothness, rye for complexity, and potato for richness.
Ultimat is produced in Poland, long considered the birthplace of vodka.
Each bottle is
Pinnacle Mango Vodka 700mL
Pinnacle Mango flavoured Vodka is the ideal addition to your favourite cocktails â?? clean, smooth and extremely mixable. Five times distilled with the... More info...
In Stock
970 points
Pinnacle Coconut Vodka 700mL
Pinnacle is Coconut flavoured Vodka the ideal addition to you favourite drinks â?? clean, smooth and extremely mixable. Five times distilled with the... More info...
In Stock
970 points
Summum Vodka 700mL (per case of 6)
A handcrafted vodka made in Cognac, France by a distillery that was founded 1814. Using the best wheat, finest spring water and resting periods in... More info...
In Stock
11,263 points
Tito's Handmade Vodka 700mL
Titoâ??s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texasâ?? first and oldest legal distillery. It is micro distilled in an old-fashioned pot still, just... More info...
In Stock
1,668 points
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Vodka O Vodka
Super smooth Vodka O has won the 2010 Vodka Masters gold medal in London. Being triple distilled, made from whey, pure Australian water and charcoal filtering creates an exquisite silky clean taste, free from impurities.
Zytnia Extra Vodka 700mL
Clean and pure premium Polish Vodka, made using traditional recipes. Subtle hints of vanilla and white pepper. More info...
In Stock
1,028 points
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Wyborowa Polish Vodka
Wyborowa is the oldest Brand of Vodka and its origins go back over five centuries to the birth of Vodka in Poland. In 1823, after winning the first and most significant taste competition, this rye-distilled elegantly smooth Vodka was issued the first trad
Vodka Cruiser Black Citrus 275mL
Vodka Cruiser Black Citrus is the pre-mix for serious Vodka lovers. Triple-distilled vodka mixed with a twist of citrus, Cruiser Black is crisp,... More info...
In Stock
2,280 points
UDL Vodka & Raspberry Cans 375mL
UDL Vodka & Raspberry a pre-mixed, ready to drink cans with Vodka that is busting with beautiful summer raspberries. Convenient and refreshing. More info...
In Stock
1,946 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - 2 shops
Wisent Bison Vodka
Made from the finest selected hand harvested rye grain, Wisent Bison Vodka is pale olive in colour with the aroma of its namesake, the Bison Grass. Enjoy Wisent Vodka mixed with sparkling apple juice for a refreshing simple cocktail.
Vodka Cruiser Mudshake Chocolate 270mL
A double-distilled Vodka and chocolate blend. Creamy texture with deep chocolate flavours. More info...
In Stock
1,918 points
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Skyy Vodka
Discover pure perfection with Skyy Vodka. Skyy Vodka s proprietary quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process consistently yields a vodka of proven smoothness and quality that is amongst the purest of leading brands.
Smirnoff Gold Apple Vodka 700mL
Smirnoff Gold Apple is the perfect premium liqueur made with Smirnoff No 21 premium vodka, apple flavourings and garnished with real gold edible... More info...
In Stock
1,390 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - 2 shops
Smirnoff Elderflower Vodka
The taste sensation of Elderflower creates an unforgettable drink experience with classic Smirnoff 21 vodka.
Compare prices - 12 offers - 7 shops
Absolut Vodka
Absolut Vodka was first launched in New York in 1979. It soon became the talk of the town, in the US and eventually of the world. But the recipe behind the clean and natural taste of Absolut is actually older than 30 years. So is the 18th century medicine
Compare prices - 2 offers - 2 shops
Russian Standard Gold Vodka
The only vodka for gifts and celebration
With a beautiful embossed bottle and real rose gold-foiled label, Russian Standard Gold embodies the vibrant spirit of Russian generosity and gift giving.
Russian Standard Gold is inspired from an ancient Sib
Cleanskin Vodka 700mL
This clean & smooth 5 X distilled vodka is perfect for cocktails and parties or just when you feel like saving a few $. 'A Price may vary per state. More info...
In Stock
Compare prices - 2 offers - First Choice Liquor
Volsk Vodka
Following Russian traditions and recipes, Volk Vodka is filtered 8 times in different ways, including through charcoal and quartz. It is produced and bottled in Moldova.
Aylesbury Duck Vodka 1L (per case of 6)
Aylesbury Duck vodka comes from Canada. It's a clean vodka with a spicy and grainy character made from white winter wheat in the western Rockies. More info...
In Stock
14,033 points
Karavan Premium Vodka 700mL
Karavan is based on the original Vodka recipe favoured by the Russian Imperial Court. It is triple distilled from pure grain and blended with spring... More info...
In Stock
942 points
Green Mark Vodka 700mL
Green Mark is the people's vodka. Honest and 100% Russian, produced from traditional Russian recipe. The legendary story of Green Mark commenced... More info...
In Stock
945 points
Chase Potato Vodka 700mL
Chase Vodka is the world's first super premium English potato vodka. Made on the family farm in Herefordshire, Chase are the only UK distillery to... More info...
In Stock
1,696 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - Dan Murphy's
LongLeaf Tea Vodka
LongLeaf Tea Vodka is Australia's first 40% ABV tea infused, all natural, 100% organic vodka. The vodka is an aromatic, supremely refreshing fusion of the finest, hand-picked Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, skillfully blended with artisanal vodka made with the
Equis Solis Organic Single Estate Vodka 700mL (per...
Equis Solis Single Estate Organic Vodka hails from the south of France, the land of the Camargue white horses to which its name pays homage.... More info...
In Stock
11,496 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - Dan Murphy's
Imperial Collection Gold Vodka
Distilled according to a recipe dating from 1721 for Peter The Greatm this vodka comprises honey, lime blossom and the purest Lake Ladoga water, then purified through several filters including gold-thread. The bottle is decorated with pure gold and made f
Winter Palace Vodka 700mL
Due to its four-fold distillation, Winter Palace Vodka achieves alpha alcohol quality, the highest quality level for Russian vodka. Winter Palace... More info...
In Stock
1,248 points
Coco Vodka Original Cans 250mL
This refreshing Coco Vodka only has a few ingredients, which youâ??ll recognise, like the fresh water from young coconuts and triple distilled vodka. More info...
In Stock
2,641 points
Krol Vodka 750mL (per case of 6)
A favourite of the Polish aristocracy since the early 1820s, KROL (from the Polish word for King) is an exceptionally pure, luxuriously... More info...
In Stock
11,678 points
Sub Zero Citrus Vodka 275mL
An old classic is revived! One of the original and most popular RTDs of the 90's, Sub Zero is bursting back on the Australian scene 20 years... More info...
In Stock
1,501 points
Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka 700mL (per case of 6)
The distillery was founded in 1864 at the foot of the Vosges mountains in Alsace and instantly made a name for its self with its fruit brandies.... More info...
In Stock
11,930 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - Dan Murphy's
Red Square Vodka
Red Square is an affordable Vodka this is perfect for parties or mixing.
Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka 700mL
Find out why Pinnacle Flavoured Vodkas are quickly become some of the most popular new flavoured spirits on the market. Add a twist on your... More info...
In Stock
970 points
Pinnacle Vodka 700mL
Pinnacle is the ideal vodka â?? clean, smooth and extremely mixable. Five times distilled with the spring water from the northern region of France, this... More info...
In Stock
1,026 points
Compare prices - 2 offers - 2 shops
Medos Honey Vodka
Medos Honey Vodka is a unique Vodka which has been a speciality in Poland for over two centuries. The unique recipe has origins dating back to 1810 which results in this remarkably smooth spirit that is made from pure ingredients including grains, fruits,
Wisniowa Cherry Vodka 700mL
Cherry coloured, semi dry Vodka combining premium spirit and different varieties of cherries. Wisniowa can be served chilled or mixed with lemonade. More info...
In Stock
1,195 points
Compare prices - 4 offers - Dan Murphy's
Saros Vodka
Saros Vodka is a new high quality Vodka made from sugar cane grown on the great plains of South Africa. Saros flavoured vodkas are made from natural fruit extracts and they are suitable for drinking straight up or mixed in delicious exotic cocktails.
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