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Panasonic DMRBWT945 Smart Network 3D Blu-Ray Disc 2T DVD Recorder with TRIPLE Tuner
The BWT945 features a Triple HD Tuner, 2TB HDD and 4K picture quality technologies. Keyword Recording and Multiroom TV Streaming Plus are newly added features to dramatically improve operating performance. Product Features *4K Ultra HD Up-scaling *2 T Ha$679-819
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Panasonic DMR-XW440GLK Smart Network DVD Recorder with Twin HD Tuner
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Panasonic DMRBWT740GL 3D Bluray Recorder
Wi-Fi Built-in. USB Playback. 1080p Full HD Recording. Built-in 4K (Ultra HD) Up-scaling$439-651
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Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder - 1 TB HDD Twin HD tuner Built-in Wi-Fi DLNA as server and client VIErA Cast with... More info...$95000
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The PWT540 features a 4K Up-Scaling function, Multiroom TV Streaming, and Miracast playback of smartphone and tablet content. It also lets you set up timer recording from outside. CUSTOMER ORDERS ONLY$349-448
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LG RH735T Twin HD DVD Recorder
Twin HD Tuner DVD Player 500Gb HDD AV In External HDD Placyback Simultaneous recording Time Shift Max 15hours$199-406
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LG BR629T 3D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Recorder
3D/2D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Playback
Twin HD Tuner (Simultaneously Record)
1 TB Internal HDD Recording
Record Contents via AV Input
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LG BR625T 3D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Recorder
3D/2D Blu-ray/DVD Disc Playback
Twin HD Tuner (Simultaneously Record)
500GB Internal HDD Recording
Record Contents via AV Input
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Dual HD Tuner, Record one channel while watching another with inbuilt 500GB hard drive and DVD player + USB Playback FREE... More info...$19900
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Sony VBD-MA1 Blu-ray & DVD Recorder
Burn your photos and home videos to a Blu-ray Disc or DVD directly from your camera or camcorder without the need to connect to your computer. From videos to digital photos, this VBD-MA1 DVDirect Blu-ray Disc/DVD recorder preserves your memor
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Dvico TVIX R-3300 Single Tuner HD PVR
The TVIX HD R-3300 PVR/DVR High Definition Digital Network Video Player and Personal Video Recorder is the latest from DVICO. Featuring support for nearly all popular formats, high definition playback and both analog, and digital video recording ability,$255-341
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Panasonic Remote Control Eur7659yko For Dvd Recorder
You Are Bidding on a BRAND NEW Panasonic Remote Control EUR7659YKO FOR DMR-ES10 / DMR-ES15 /... More info...
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Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring
The world's favorite cat-and-mouse team bound back into action in an all-new animated adventure certain to cast its spell over the entire family!nLeft in charge of a priceless magical ring by his young wizard master, Tom is horrified when the ring gets st$8-19
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Futurama Movie Collection
Contains all 4 feature length movies (Bender s Big Score, The Beast With A Billion Backs, Bender s Game & Into The Wild Green Yonder) in one complete gift set! $31-39
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TV Series DVDs   Movies
Scary Movie 3.5
In the third instalment of the Scary Movie franchise Cindy has to investigate mysterious crop circles and video tapes and help the President in preventing an alien invasion.$9-36
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8 offers from 7 shops
Movies   DVDs   Blu-Ray Discs
Scary Movie 2
A group of teens including Cindy Campbell and Brenda Meeks are invited to spend a night in Hell House. Professor Oldman has convinced them it is for a school project but the night won't go past quietly. Master Kane is long dead but still plans on enjoying$7-19
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Scary Movie 4
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to watching movies... Scary Movie 4 rears its ugly head and delivers more delightfully twisted comedy. This fourth and final chapter in the award-winning trilogy stars Anna Faris (Scary Movie 1, 2 & 3), Regina $9-14
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Scooby-Doo (The Movie)
Throughout The Ages, One Hero Has Cowered Above The Rest.Two years after a clash of egos forced Mystery Inc. to close its doors, Scooby Doo and his clever crime solving cohorts Fred (FREDDIE PRINZE JR.), Daphne (SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR), Shaggy (MATTHEW LIL$7-96
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Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection Volume 7
HISTORY OF TRUNKS: When two Androids appear and start destroying Earth's cities, a grown Gohan trains a special teenager, Trunks. Can they put a stop to the horrible evil? This is the story of the future that never was!
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5 offers from 5 shops
Movies   DVDs   Action DVDs
Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection Volume 5
The ultimate Super Saiyan is roaring in this three-movie set of total destruction. With more power than anyone has ever seen, who can possibly hope to stop this monster of fury?
Contains all three fan favourite Broly movies:Broly: The Legendary Super Sai
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TV Series DVDs   Action DVDs for Sale   DVDs Volume 5
Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection Volume 1
The first two DBZ movies remastered!
The Dead Zone
Gohan has been kidnapped! To make matters worse, the evil Garlic Jr. is gathering the Dragonballs to wish for immortality. Only then will Garlic Jr. be able to take over the Earth in order to gain reven
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Giratina and the Sky Warrior
In a Reverse World, a Legendary Battle Rages on. Ash and his friends have never backed down from a fight, and they know all too well that sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. They meet up with a feisty and sharp witted Pokemon na$11-22
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8 offers from 6 shops
Blu-Ray Discs   TV Series DVDs
Based on a true story, this Australian series conveys how complicated, frustrating and how slow the process of solving a murder can be. As an added bonus, it features one of the best depictions of real scientists ever put on television a husband and wife $17-42
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Movies   DVDs   Blu-Ray Discs
Madeline ( Movie )
For generations this little girl with a big heart has been the star of the popular book and cartoon series, but now Madeline finally comes to life in her first live-action movie. With some help from her friends, Madeline's ready for her greatest adventure$6-31
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Childrens DVDs   TV Series DVDs   Animation DVDs
From director Brad Silberling and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment comes a live-action fun house ride filled with laughter, excitement and ghostly surprises.Ghost therapist Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman) and his daughter Kat (Christina Ricci) arri$8-32
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Movies   DVDs   Family DVDs
For as long as he can remember Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see ghosts. But when he meets Rukia a Soul Reaper who battles evil spirits known as Hollows he finds his life is changed forever. Now with a new found wealth of spiritual energy Ichigo discov$4-74
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Rugrats in Paris : The Movie
Hold on to your berets-the Rugrats kids are headed for Paris in an all-new feature-length adventure. France doesn't stand a chance!When Stu Pickles is summoned to work at Euro-Reptarland, Paris' newest amusement park, the Rugrats kids tag along. From the $4-25
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Movies   DVDs   Childrens DVDs
Tamagotchi The Movie
On Tamagotchi planet, Mametchi, an illustrious inventor, has just finished his new creation a Forwarding Machine. But on its first trial run, the mischievous Kuchipatchi somehow manages to throw the machine's aim off course, which results in a child from $14-21
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Movies   DVDs
Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Kagome Higurashi, whose family tends a shrine, falls into an old well one day and literally tumbles into ancient Japanese history. On the other side she meets Inu yasha, the dog-like demon (inu means dog in Japanese) who claims$12-59
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Movies   DVDs   TV Series DVDs
Hell is the powerful new film from Academy Award-winner Danis Tanovic (No Man's Land) and the legendary film making team of Krzysztof Piesiewicz and Krzysztof Kieslowski (The Decalogue, Three Colours Trilogy). In the wake of a childhood tragedy, three Par$9-64
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Buy DVDs 4   Action DVDs   Anime/Manga DVDs
Deep within the Hidden Leaf Village, sharp and cunning Ninja possess an ultimate power while Naruto Uzumaki carries inside the ultimate secret. Twelve years ago, the fourth Hokage sacrificed himself and saved the village by sealing the Nine tailed Fox Spi$8-199
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Garfield The Movie
Garfield The Movie: Fat cat Garfield (hilariously voiced by Bill Murray) spends his time snoozing, eating lasagna, watching TV and making wisecracks until his owner Jon (Breckin Meyer) falls in love with beautiful veterinarian Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt). $8-28
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Barbie : Magic of the Rainbow
Join Barbie as Elina in an all-new Fairytopia adventure! Elina travels with her puffball Bibble to Fairy School at the magnificent Crystal Palace. There, she meets the other fairy apprentices, chosen to learn the annual Flight of Spring and magically crea$11-30
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Movies   DVDs   Childrens DVDs
The X Files
Chart the harrowing adventures of FBI special agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) over a nine year adventure the encompasses everything from UFO abduction to werewolves, vampires and practically anything else that goes bum$7-217
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TV Series DVDs   TV Series DVDs
Barbie Fairytopia
Barbie once again steps into the limelight with the launch of her latest movie, Barbie Fairytopia. Just through the rainbow, in the world of Fairytopia lives Elina, a beautiful fairy who longs to have wings. From here, a land of enchantment, butterflies a$11-46
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Movies   DVDs   Childrens DVDs
Glastonbury is now the best known, longest running and most pre eminent music festival in the world. Fuelled by a staggering range of music, this ground breaking documentary embraces the spirit, characters and overwhelming experiences of the festival as i$17-53
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Boxed Sets DVDs   Blu-Ray Discs   Boxed Sets DVDs
Unable to convince the ruling council of Krypton that their world will destroy itself soon, scientist Jor-El takes drastic measures to preserve the Kryptonian race He sends his infant son Kal-El to Earth.$8-78
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Movies   DVDs   Compare DVDs Directed by Richard Donner
Wild West
Episodes Include
1: One Home Good, Two Homes Bad
2: Fear of Bungee
3: Swingers
4: Tin, Tin, Tin
5: A Problem Shared Is A Problem Doubled
6: Un, Deu, Tri, Figo, Quiggly
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Walking With Dinosaurs
This is an informative and visually stunning documentary which uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art animation to tell its story in this British television mini-series narrated by Kenneth Branagh.$11-51
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Movies   DVDs   Family DVDs
The Wild Thornberrys Movie
The plucky, pigtailed Eliza Thornberry and her high-strung chimpanzee pal are out to stop some poachers in this feature film version of the Nickelodeon TV cartoon show. While her family is off on a trek through the Serengeti in their high-tech, gadget-fil$4-11
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Wizards Of Waverly Place
Meet Alex, Justin and Max Russo. They are just your average, ordinary kids living in New York City, except they have got a powerful secret: They are wizards in training! Alex and her brothers have lots to learn, like how to fly carpets, turn back time and$10-17
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Movies   DVDs   Adventure DVDs
The Wiggles Movie
It's a non-stop music and adventure extravaganza. Join The Wiggles in their very first full-length feature film.
Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Greg are planning a surprise birthday for their friend Dorothy the Dinosaur. The only problem is, Dorothy has gone
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Veronica Mars
In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful make the rules. Unfortunately for them, there's Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 17 year old apprentice private investigator. In season two, the Mars family finds themselves e$11-52
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Movies   DVDs   Drama DVDs
Ultimate X Movie
ESPN's Ultimate X is the first-of-its-kind experience that puts you right in the middle of all the excitement and explosive drama of ESPN's massively popular Summer X Games. Chronicling the breathtaking highlights and dramatic stories behind the 2001 Summ$9-38
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Australian DVDs   Sports DVDs   Boxed Sets DVDs
From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. When their epic struggle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil Decepticons and ultimate power is a clue held by$6-87
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Boxed Sets DVDs   Movies   Boxed Sets DVDs for Sale
Turbo A Power Rangers Movie
The evil space alien Divatox plans to unleash the dark forces of Maligore, a powerful, fiery creature imprisoned inside a volcano on the magical island of Muiranthias. She can reach the island only by travelling through the dangerous Nemesis Triangle, and$12-28
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DVDs   Australian DVDs   Action DVDs
Tigger Movie
In the classic tradition of Disney s animated feature films, the first Winnie The Pooh theatrical feature in 23 years weaves magical storytelling, charming characters and memorable songs into an enchanting tale of adventure and heart.
As it happens, ever
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Movies   DVDs   Animation DVDs Deals
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The lean green crime fighting machines return in a new incarnation for the 21st century in this mind blowing CGI action extravaganza. From extreme skate boarding through the sewers of New York, to saving the world from an army of ancient stone monsters, t$4-61
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208 offers from 9 shops
Crime DVDs   Family DVDs   DVDs 2
Transformers Animated Movie
Beyond good... Beyond evil... Beyond your wildest imagination! The Autobots, led by the heroic Optimus Prime, prepare a daring attempt to retake their planet from the evil forces of Megatron and the Decepticons in a devastating confrontation. Yet unbeknow$21-30
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Thomas and Friends
Episodes Include
Thomas To The Rescue
Henry and the Wishing Tree
Thomas and the Tuba
Squeak Rattle & Roll
Percy's New Whistle
Thomas and the Firework Display
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474 offers from 11 shops
TV Series DVDs Online   Australian DVDs   Family DVDs
Superhero Movie
The greatest Superhero movie of all time (not counting all the others) In this spoof of Hollywood superhero blockbusters, director and screenwriter Craig Mazin tackles the age old story of a regular guy who suddenly finds that he possesses super powers. R$9-15
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8 offers from 7 shops
Movies   DVDs   Australian DVDs
Step Up
A fun, hip, music driven summer film in the vein of Save the Last Dance. Set in the exhilarating world of music and dance, Step Up is an inspiring romantic drama that follows the struggles of two teenagers, Tyler and Nora, from opposite sides of the track$9-84
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DVDs 4   Compare Drama DVDs   DVDs 2
Storm Surfers
Featuring big wave legend Ross Clarke-Jones and former World Champion Tom Carroll.Storm Surfers combines extreme surfing and weather prediction, sport and science with bravery to find the largest storm fronts and surf them. Follow Ross and Tom's trials an$20-34
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Movies   DVDs   Australian DVDs
Small Soldiers
Small Soldiers is a 1998 American action/science fiction comedy film directed by Joe Dante, starring Gregory Smith, Kirsten Dunst, Frank Langella and Tommy Lee Jones.$8-28
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DVDs 5   Robin Williams DVDs   Shop Adventure DVDs
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
Dive into a comedy-adventure that's bigger, better and more absorbing than the rest - the movie debut of that undersea sensation, SpongeBob SquarePants!
There's trouble bubbling up in Bikini Bottom, King Neptune's crown is missing, and Mr. Krabs has bee
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Strawberry Shortcake
When Honey Pie Pony meets other horses on Ice Cream Island in 'Horse Of A Different Colour', she thinks she should move there. But once she realizes how much her human pals need her back home, she reconsiders. Then, in 'The Festival Of The Fillies', Honey$8-29
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106 offers from 7 shops
Childrens DVDs   Childrens DVDs   Adventure DVDs
Shakugan No Shana
The Denizens have begin their final plans and with Shana ensnared it appears that her end is imminent. Shana's history as a flame Haze is now revealed as we see how her earlier life progressed, training to become the greatest Flame Haze to bond with the F$21-71
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29 offers from 5 shops
Movies   DVDs Prices   Blu-Ray Discs
Scary Movie
Are you ready to be shocked, surprised, revolted and just a little titilated by the ballsiest, grossest, triple X splatter satire to ever get past the ratings board. No movie is too sacred...No taboo is too profane...No star is too highly paid to get past$9-22
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26 offers from 8 shops
Comedy DVDs   Blu-Ray Discs   Comedy DVDs
Samurai Jack
Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape shifting Master of Darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish Samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and f$9-41
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Movies   DVDs   Anime/Manga DVDs for Sale
Stage Fright
Jonathan Cooper is wanted by the police who suspect him of killing his lover's husband. His friend Eve Gill offers to hide him and Jonathan explains to her that his lover, actress Charlotte Inwood is the real murderer. Eve decides to investigate for herse$9-34
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